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Uppsala Universitet

post 5.Jun.2006, 07:20 PM
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Hi there,

as I'm going to study in Uppsala for one year, I wanted to know if you could give me some advice for any trips (is Kiruna worth a visit? anything else? any must-see?).

Is there someone who's going to study in Uppsala from september on?

thanks for your replies,
greetings from austria

p.s.: does uppsala university have a good educational reputation in sweden?
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*Vicis Patronus*
post 5.Jun.2006, 07:40 PM
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I can not give you much advise. But Uppsala have a very good reputation in Sweden. It's the oldest university in "Norden", from 1477.
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post 6.Jun.2006, 11:33 AM
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Location: Dalarna
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Uppsala has a very good reputation in Sweden - many Swedish students try to transfer to Uppsala for their final year so as to get an "Uppsala degree" as these have a high status.

The social scene in Uppsala revolves around the "Student Nations" which all students join - each Nation has a National house that acts as a metting place with restaurants, cafés bars etc as well as organising social activities such as sports teams, music groups, cinema and other activities. Membership of one nation gives access to the facillities of the others.

If you want activities nearish to Uppsala - of course Stockholm is only about 40 minutes away by train. In the winter many students orgnaise skiing days/weekends - either day trips to Romme Alpin in Dalarna or weekend trips to Sälen/Idre/Åre.

You don't get a lot of time off at Swedish Universities as the operate a 2 term year and each term is 20 weeks - so that is 40 study weeks a year (unlike some UK Universities where the academic year is 24 - 30 weeks) - Autumn term goes from September - January and Spring term goe from January - June. Often essays or work is set for Christmas and Easter although some courses give you a few days off.

Hope this is helpful

What will you be studying?
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Ezpen The Caveman
post 6.Jun.2006, 11:57 AM
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QUOTE (Theteenagediplomat)
I can not give you much advise. But Uppsala have a very good reputation in Sweden. It's the oldest university in "Norden", from 1477.

Yes, the oldest which is still running. But I would prefer to go elsewhere if you like modern Universities. biggrin.gif
Denmark had to wait until 1479 to get a university, and Norway had to wait until 1811...
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post 6.Jun.2006, 04:50 PM
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I HIGHLY reccommend going to Study at Uppsala University. I was an exchange student there from the US in 1997 to 1998, I would have to say that that was one of the best years of my life, by far. To have a better time, keep an open mind, be respectful, try to get involved with and undestand/appreciate other cultures. Learn some of the Swedish language, get involved with the nations (Norrlands was one of the best), etc.
The city is incredibly beautiful, and not too big or too small. I think it is the 4th or 5th largest city in Sweden. Have lots of money, because unless you are swedish, or from an EU country, with a work permit, you will NEVER get a job. They are practically impossible to get any job there if not Swedish, or EU with work permit. Even Svart jobs "under the table work" there is almost impossible to find, due to stiff penalties, and stiff competition, even between Swedes who speak Swedish for any of the (maybe) available jobs. Anyways, bring money, or you will regret it. I stayed at Flogsta, which was very fun area. Make sure you buy a nice bike (and a nicer lock) immediately to get around. If you plan to study science courses there, plan on being at school and studying for tons of time. If you decide to study a non scientific filed like humanities, etc., they tend to have MUCH more free time, and have to attend many less hours in class. Not fair, but that is how it goes.

I also took a train trip to Kiruna in the late winter. I liked the train ride almost as much as going to Kiruna. It is really cool to see the ice hotel, northern lights, etc. You can also rent snowmobiles and take dog sled rides, but be forewarned... these are ONLY available on WEEKDAYS, not typicallty weekends. I went there on a friday evening, and stayed through sunday, but could not do snowmobile rides or dogsled rides, as they are closed for the weekend. (that is, in 97/98 this was the case). Check it out to be sure.

Have a blast, as I know you will. The hot Swedish girls make it even better. I dated so many, I cannot remember. Now, I live in Sweden. Could not resist those hot blonde-haired, blue eyed girls. (many of them, at least).
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post 1.Jul.2006, 11:21 PM
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thanks (tack) for your posts...sounds great and hopefully it'll be much fun. Right now it's time to learn swedish. I've got just one month left by now till I'm leaving for Uppsala, so I'm getting even more excited.
By the way: I'm going to continue my studies in International Business at the Ekonomikum. Actually I'm also studying geography, but let's see if they let me take some courses in geography there as well...

vi ses,
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