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master program: dilemma

What to do next?

post 3.Apr.2020, 03:19 PM
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Good afternoon guys, today I received the selection results of the master programs that I chose to apply.
I applied to three masters program selection and they were in order of preference:

1. biomedicine at the Karolinska (I am in reserve list);
2. experimental biomedicine in LiU (I have a place);
3. molecular medicine in Uppsala (my application was cancelled due to LiU offer).

I have several questions:

1. If I apply for the second round and I put uppsala higher in raking and I am not chosen by Uppsala or put in reserve, do I loose my place in other master programs (the ones below) or I still maintain my place?;
2.The fact that uppsala "cancelled" the application, means that I would have received a place if it would have been higher in ranking? or they just did not consider my application?;
3. About the reserve list of the Karoliska, I am around 30th position in it. Do I have some chances to be chosen or it's better to forget it?
4.Comparing the three aforementioned master courses, which one is "better" (future working opportunities , difficulty etc.).
Sorry if I wrote down so much, I hope I was clear rolleyes.gif .

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