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The Local _ Nationwide _ Research about Swedish Millennials

Posted by: Niicckk 17.Mar.2017, 11:14 AM

Hello there,

Due to the fact that I am currently not in Sweden and that my access to the Swedish network limited is, I am trying to reach out to the community of "TheLocal.Se".. At the moment I am doing research about the Swedish Millennials behaviour on social media and their perception on doing investments. A part of my research concerns a short questionnaire in Swedish..

Link to questionnaire:

Hopefully you all can help me out,

Thank in advance,


Posted by: garymiller 4.Oct.2017, 09:32 AM

Nick, this is a really interesting research that you're carrying out! I would love to know your conclusion upon it. All my academic years, we were always taught about consumers and target markets mainly focusing English speaking consumers. Bur as I came in the professional field, I came to the realization that beside English consumers, there are humongous target markets like China, France and Germany. Don't know much about Sweden, but I am pretty sure the results would be fascinating. happy.gif

Posted by: Twiceshy 5.Oct.2017, 05:41 PM

50 cent per email collected? Nice racket.

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