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Private car leasing

Searching for good deals...

post 27.Apr.2014, 07:46 AM
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I am looking to get a new car on a leasing deal. Currently my employer doesn't allow staff to do leasing through work so I will likely have to get a personal lease.

Back in the UK I had no problem finding the best companies but as my Swedish is poor and I am relying on googletranslate it is a slow process figuring out who is best value.

So, can anyone suggest some good companies? I am not sure if going directly with the car manufactures is best or with a 3rd party company?

I am not too fussy on the car, I just don't want silly residual values in the contract and would like servicing and hopefully insurance included. I do not drive so much so do not need a huge distance allowance. Finally it must be a practical car as I must have room for a child seat and the boot must have space for the stroller... An estate or 4x4 will likely be my preferred but with good fuel economy.

Any tips will be appreciated.


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post 27.Apr.2014, 04:11 PM
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If you take a look on and search first by year from 2014 and then click on the price column twice so that it arranges the prices from the cheapest upwards the first number of pages of search results will give you all the private lease deals.

Sorry I can be of no help with the details, I have never looked private leasing before, but at least this will give you some where to start from.

Use Google chrome to translate the webpages for you.

This link! should hopefully give you the right search. You can then filter the results on the left hand side to narrow down the type of vehicle you are looking for.

[Edit] No the link keeps getting mashed but if you open the link and then type an ! at the end of the address in the address bar then you should get what you want.
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post 27.Apr.2014, 07:50 PM
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Thanks Gordy!
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