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The Local _ Norrland _ Electrician opportunities in Jämtland

Posted by: FJWright 7.Oct.2018, 08:49 PM

Quick question, is the much demand for qualified electricians in Östersund / Jämtland? I know there’s the labour shortage list but I am wondering more by region the demand for this trade. Here in the U.K. there is quite a demand across many regions., if not all.

Posted by: Cheeseroller 8.Oct.2018, 01:28 AM

You need Swedish qualifications to work as an electrician in Sweden.

Posted by: FJWright 8.Oct.2018, 07:02 AM

Thanks, I know there are options to have your qualifications reviewed and approved, and we can plan with that in mind. My question was more aimed at the demand side for the region - given it’s less densely populated than parts of the south. It would be great to hear from people living in the area but if not, no problem, it can wait until we are next in the region.

Posted by: ChocOwl 8.Oct.2018, 10:55 AM

ask the inflyttarlots in Östersund

Posted by: FJWright 8.Oct.2018, 09:48 PM

Ok, will do - thank you!

Posted by: SussexBoyInSweden 8.Oct.2018, 11:15 PM

No, you DO NOT need Swedish Qualifications to work in Sweden!

My UK City and Guilds 2330 Level 2 and 3, 2381, 2391, 2377 (both management and practical parts) gave me recognised AL status from elsakerhetsverket (after a bit of a "discussion", I used to teach Electricians in the UK, so I do know what I am talking about!).

elsakerhetsverket did try to say Uk qualifications were not recognised so I threw the proverbial BS7671 at them, they backed off, like most Swedish organisations, they usually do when challenged.

UK City and Guilds ARE therefore recognised in Sweden and across Europe.


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