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The Local _ Legal _ Akassan rules regarding courses and occasional wor

Posted by: Han-u-man 28.Jul.2019, 06:35 PM


I would like to know if you can get education while receiving akassan

Education could be online courses for business, language, folkuniversitetet, personal trainer licensing course or simply for ex. kickboxing. I know you need special permission for SFI but what about the rest? How can they find out if one takes a course for hobby or personal development or sports etc.

Another question is about the case where a person loses his/her main job, main source of income and applies to Akassan. If this person has had a licence to for example to work as a personal trainer or coach. Can he/she do this occasionally? For ex. on weeekends or by invoicing hourly let’s say a couple of hours per week? This is not something that makes the person unavailable for the market. And also it is something that he/she could do even while working full time.

Is there a limit to this? What is your experience?

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