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Unemployment rises again

Kelvin Aka The Dramka
post 12.Sep.2005, 12:20 PM
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This is an attempt by the swedish government to keep its people ignorant to the truth. The fact is not whether the figures are 5.5% or 7.8%. This is a cold calculating method of manipulation. And its so incredibly clear of just how easy it is accomplished here in this tiny country. It was just recently that this post provided us, ´meaning you and me with such astonishing information abou t the truth in within LO. Claims and proof that real figures are as high as 15.6% - 22%. Obviously this important article went un-noticed as do many.

LO "suppressed unemployment report"
Sweden's trade union organisation, LO, has been accused of trying to suppress a report that claimed that the real number of unemployed people in Sweden could be much higher than the five percent shown in official figures.

The report's author, Jan Edling, resigned from LO last week claiming that the organisation was trying to block his report, which he had spent five years writing. He accused LO's leadership of being motivated by a desire to protect the Social Democratic Party from embarrassment

Five percent of Swedes of working age are currently classed as unemployed. A further three percent are occupied in state-organised job schemes. The controversy surrounding Edling's report centres on his interpretation of the 700,000 Swedes who are either on long-term sick leave or in early retirement. Edling asks how many of these people are in fact unemployed.

Edling focuses on certain regions with high numbers of people on sick leave and in early retirement, and concludes that the real reason that people are not in work is that there are no jobs.

"The shortage of jobs is channeled partly into early retirement and sick leave," he told Dagens Nyheter.

Edling criticises the government's current policies to tackle unemployment, and says that better business policies are needed to help areas with high jobless figures.
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post 12.Sep.2005, 02:17 PM
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I cannot believe how rude Matt has been above to Örjan - and well done Örjan for making your point.

Matt, I expect you're young. Probably under 35. Being rather cocky and arrogant as you are, you probably won't take advice. But my advice to you is don't be so cocky and arrogant - it will come back to haunt you one day.

Like when your company closes down, or needs to make cuts and you're on the list, or when you work your socks off to get a business going and people let you down and taxes cripple you - no doubt you're very talented, Matt, but it's not always about how good you are.
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post 12.Sep.2005, 03:42 PM
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Hi Jeanette, I understand why you think what you do if you only read this page. The truth is that I'm usually very easy going - too much for my own good in fact - but there's a history here that you're not aware of. For a year or so I have been politely tolerating ignorant and unprovoked insults like "you must be a stupid Social Democrat" from this 'shoot first' Malmstedt idiot, who can't understand anything more than 2 lines long, but doesn't hesitate to go on the attack based on his misunderstandings.

I've been ignoring his aggressive stupidity until now, because I actually allow him a bit of grumpiness due to his situation, but I finally got fed up decided to have some fun. In fact, wrong as it may be, I think he's such a nasty sour bastard, that he possibly deserves a little more...
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*Nigel E.j. Griffiths*
post 13.Sep.2005, 01:33 PM
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Matt: you are most welcome to the ranks of the individuals, who express themselves with cutting sarcasm and humour. But should you undertake this mission, you will be open to attack from those humourless, lazy, woolly headed loony lefties that populate this beautifull country. Should you decide that you want to be, just you We the individuals will accept that, but in the interim, have fun. :twisted:
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post 14.Sep.2005, 12:53 AM
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sweden's situation with an unemployment rate of about 6.7 percent is still alot lower than the rest of europe and sweden does not seem to have many problems with poor people...this is coming from the economist. I live in canada and I can say that our unemployment rate here is about the same and we continue to have other things that are problems...we have something called the working poor...some people have a job but do not even have a roof over their head...this is quite different from what I saw in sweden in my brief short stay there...I fully understand that i did not see all of sweden's problems but I do believe that sweden is on the right track to solving these better than most countries

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post 14.Sep.2005, 02:41 PM
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Sweden has low unemployment only if you believe the official figures. The 5 percent figure propogated by the government, or the 7 percent figure when people in fake jobs organised by the state are taken into account, are only the tip of the iceberg.

What to make of the fact that Sweden's rate of sick leave is one of the highest in the world (despite Sweden being one of the healthiest countries)?

It seems clear that sick leave is being used to hide unemployment, and that the true figure is somewhere between 10 and 20 percent.

I see that a system like in Canada, the UK and US, where people work for low wages, is not desirable in every way, but the system that Sweden has now is not sustainable.
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post 15.Sep.2005, 01:42 AM
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true the unemployment rate cannot be measured fully...although some official statistics may not take into consideration such statistics as how many people are on a variety of welfare to work programs. this may inflate the overall unemployment rate at most a couple of percent...Alot or people look at unemployment statistics in Places like canada and the us and they do seem quite low...WHat is not told is alot of these jobs that are created mostly in the private sector are part time jobs that do not offer benefits at a minimum wage.THis has to be taken into consideration when looking as also a form of underemployment and should be accounted for in unemployment statistics...Recent statistics for gdp quarter growth show sweden at an impressive 3.9 percent.(3.3 percent for canada) Although I have heard that burnout is a very serious problem in sweden from my grandpa it is a serious problem here too...In Canada the difference is a very high turnover rate...Also in Canada the Unemployment among youth is between 10-19 percent(Stats Canada *2002). I have lived in communist poland for a while and now live in canada for most of my life...maybe the swedish experience is something that has to be understood by living there and making my own judgement . Sweden seems to be having simular economic problems to Japan...One more thing about sweden that I noticed is the tolerance part is a government only policy ...In the country itself it works quite differently...I will elaborate more another time
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