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The BIG List - Tao of the Heuristic Autodidact on Education

*Tao Of The Heuristic Auto*
post 28.Nov.2005, 03:46 PM
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List Of Education Links For Studying In Sweden And Some Sites For The Autodidact.

The information regarding the links is in Swedish with a few comments edited and translated into English from a list originally compiled by education guidance counselor M. Karlsson of Viadidakt (

The links below comprise a mixed list of information about resources for education in Sweden. Also, depending upon the city or town in Sweden in which you reside or will reside, go to the city or town?s website and search for education opportunities there too.

CSN is the government bureau which administers financial support for studies:
Center for Flexible Teaching:
Swedish Agency of Advanced Vocational Education:
Nätbildarna - Online Courses:
Net University:
Information on Higher Education:
Information Regarding All Education Levels:
Swedish National Agency for Higher Education:
Information about ?people?s colleges?:
Regarding Education & Work:
Information On Studying Abroad:
Regarding The College Entrance Exam:
Pass The College Entrance Exam!:
Career Planning:
Job Market For Clinic Personnel:
What Shall I Study? How Shall I Do So?:
Stipends & funds in Scandinavia:
Support & Stipends:
How Do I Teach Myself?:
Education Information:

Where To Find Money For Studies In Sweden And Abroad

Links at the Göteborg University website to help you find stipends, scholarships, and grants for your studies in Sweden and abroad:

Again, contact the folks at CSN in your search for money to finance your education. It could be well worth your time to fill out the forms you may need to request funding in advance.

On the CSN site you can find forms to fill out. Save a step and print out the forms, fill them in with the appropriate information, and send them in to CSN. Here?s the link to the forms from CSN:;MenyIdnr=53

Have Your Degree Evaluated

Do you have a college or university degree? Coming to Sweden to live and work? Take the advice of Gabriela who points out in The Local (The Swedish news in English at that it would be a good idea to get one?s degree evaluated by Högskoleverket as soon as you can. Have them evaluate your degree program and course credits before you come to Sweden so you know where you stand according to Swedish standards for higher education.

Sweden?s National Agency for Higher Education
Lundtmakargatan 13, Box 7851
Telephone number: +46 8 563 085 50
Fax number: +46 8 563 085 50
Web address:

For The Autodidact: OpenCourseWare

Perhaps you are here in Sweden but have not learned Swedish sufficiently to study at a Swedish institute of higher education. Or maybe you want to continue your education but don?t have the funds or are unwilling to take on a loan you have to pay back? Well, if you need the piece of paper which says you passed such-and-such course then you have to matriculate in a degree offering program. On the other hand, if you are trying to learn for the sake of learning and applying whatever you learn without the need for a diploma, well, what follows is for you.

Several links are to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology?s (M.I.T.) OpenCourseWare program. M.I.T. has placed many of its courses online free of charge. No, you will not be able to obtain a degree from M.I.T. for simply having studied their course work online. Still, you can study all they have placed on their OpenCourseWare website. It?s probably more than you will ever need to get that autodidactic thrill. Lectures, notes, books, multi-media, etc., are available on the M.I.T. OpenCourseWare site. Indeed, other univesities around world are now starting to follow M.I.T.?s lead. If, for example, you wish to study an OpenCourseWare program at a university in China via the Internet, well, you can. Same with Japan, and some other universities in the United States of America as well as some universities in Europe.

Encourage local education facility providers, network administrators, and librarians to upgrade their computer networks to allow viewing educational videos at OpenCourseWare sites should you not have suitable internet access at home.

MIT OpenCourseWare:

MIT Spanish:

MIT Portugese:

MIT Simplified Chinese:

China?s Open CourseWare Program:
Carnegie Mellon:

UT State OpenCourseWare:

Johns Hopkins OpenCourseWare:

Tufts OpenCourseWare:


A search engine to help you find OpenCourseWare courses:

Free Textbooks:


Free Physics Textbook Online:

Free Software

Perhaps you do not have money for software? No problem.
Visit the following sites below and find lots of software.
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*Dusty Feather*
post 28.Nov.2005, 06:33 PM
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Thanks for that post.

Some of the URL's linked to links to sites that I find to be useful.
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post 29.Nov.2005, 08:09 AM
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I don't understand any of this.
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post 29.Nov.2005, 02:44 PM
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What´s to understand :?:
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