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Rental contract, notice period for tenant

Notice period

post 1.Nov.2019, 11:08 PM
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(I know I surely did multiple mistake signing a contract she translated to me by voice etc... don't judge me too much biggrin.gif)

I recently got into an argument with my landlord before arriving. (She told me she is a lawyer)

The landlord made me sign a swedish contract (I don't speak swedish nor can I read it, I was ok with it because she felt nice and kind).
It is a private property, owned by her, we will live together, for a fixed duration.

She told me she wanted to cancel the contract due to a breach of contract, 4 days before the arrival date. (telling me I sent the deposit 14 days after signing the contract, we sign 2 papers, technically I send it 5 days after our first contract and 1 days after the second paper. she received it 7-8 days after signing the first contract)

I didn't really care and now I wanted to receive back my 2 deposits and 1 month of rent.
Then we meet again and she told me that she wanted me to stay. I didn't really have a choice because I cannot cancel the agreement.

And I asked her if I don't feel well in the appartment (obviously because of what happened), how long is the notice period. (In case I wanted to leave earlier)

She told me that there is no notice period and that I cannot leave earlier than what is written on the contract.
I asked her if she was sure, she told me yes I am a lawyer...

That seems very suspicious...

It is a contract with a duration of 8month (5month+3month)
The 3 month are if I still got my job after probation.

So the big question is it legal to not allow me to give notice ? (whatever the kind of contract)

What everybody told me and what I read said that I have 1 month of notice period, whatever is written on the contract.

And if I happen to give a period notice, what can I do to be sure to receive back my 2 deposits, that is quite a high sums for me, and with all that history and the fact that I want to leave way earlier make me feel she will try to keep it by all means...

Thank you very much !
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