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Bringing my girlfriend to Sweden

Spanish + Indonesian (non Swedish citizens)

post 10.Aug.2019, 11:36 PM
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Hello to everyone,

My girlfriend is currently in Indonesia (she is from Indonesia), and I am currently in Sweden for a year(I am from Spain). She is planning to move with me, here in Sweden, and it seems so complex. We have seen a couple of options, but all of them require such a long time. One option that we have seen is if I have lived in Sweden for five years then I can get the Swedish citizenship, and it will make it easier to bring her here. Another is that she gets a job here in Sweden so that she can apply for VISA and move here. The last option that we have seen is that she applies for a bachelor at the university or master so that she can get a visa. However, this last option seems to be really expensive.

Besides, we were considering the idea of getting married here in Sweden or another country since we think it could be a quicker way for her to get a permanent Visa. However, we are not sure if we have to wait two years after getting married in order for her to get a permanent Visa.

To sum up, we are lack of information and we are not entirely sure if the information we have found out is correct.

We immensely appreciate if somebody can help us. Maybe, there is a quicker way for her to get Visa and start living here in less than two years and without having to pay a massive amount of money in fees and tuition.

We are only two humans, who have fallen deeply in love with each other, and cannot wait for years to be able to live together. There's a saying "The stars are above us, but they don't bind us", so against all the odds, we still have hope that we can be together soon even if the world seems to keep us apart.
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post 11.Aug.2019, 07:15 AM
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This website is choked with hundreds of similar queries.

Firstly if you aren't Swedish or a permanent resident why would they even consider giving someone you aren't married to a visa?

Where you marry changes nothing either. It's how long you've been together, lived together, your salary ie. Means to support a second non working adult.

You might not even get a schengen holiday visa for her.
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Case officer
post 11.Aug.2019, 12:13 PM
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If you are married or have lived together in a EU country besides Sweden, she can apply for a residence card.
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Gamla Hälsingebock
post 11.Aug.2019, 03:19 PM
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Love knows no boundaries!!!
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