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Leaving Sweden for longer periods

While waiting on citizenship application

post 1.Sep.2019, 11:06 AM
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I know I can travel for holidays while waiting for my citizenship application to be processed. I was wondering: is it possible to travel or be outside of Sweden for an extended period while waiting on a citizenship application? Or would this hurt the outcome?

Let me give a specific, hypothetical case: I applied in August 2019. If I currently am out of a job and for example were to accept a 1 year job offer in another country thinking of doing that and then returning to Sweden (so I would not sell my apartment here for example) can I do that? Or would Migrationsverket see the accepting a job offer outside of Sweden as not having the intent to settle?

What about traveling for an extended period? When would travel be considered having relocated outside of Sweden?

Thanks for any feedback.
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