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Getting a mortgage in Sweden

before/ after getting married

post 25.May.2018, 09:06 PM
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I'm new on the the local and also Sweden and I have a few questions regarding my situation about getting a mortgage to buy a flat here.

I'm from a non EU country and have moved to Sweden for work for about 8 months now. My job is permanent and I'm earning around 32K/month(before tax). Residence permit and personnummer all sorted after 6 months.

After a long hard battle in the rental market here in Sweden, I was lucky enough to find a very small 1.5 apartment for the time being, but I am really tempted buy an apartment in long term.

I have saved up some money before and I can afford to pay the 15% upfront, actually about 20% for the price range that I am looking at. I have talked to the bank and they have looked at my financial situation. Everything is fine and they've promised me that once I have seen an apartment that I am interested in, I contact them directly and it shouldn't be any problem, as long as it is not too far from my proposed size of loan I am asking for.

It looks very good here. However, things got a bit complicated and I couldn't find any good answer online.

- I am planning to get married soon with my fiancee. She is also a non-EU citizen and she's planning apply for a visa to move to Sweden and join me. She'll start as unemployed and our profession allows us to work as a freelancer. Usually short term contracts will be offered to freelancers, so it's not really 'freelance' in general perception but that's how it works here in Sweden. Building the network and knowing the companies around will take a bit of time so we're very realistic about the first couple of years she won't get too much work. But my salary is enough for us to live without worrying too much about bills and rent in the city that I'm living in.

my questions are-
1. Will my marriage affect my chance of getting the mortgage?

(1.5. Or can I still ask for a mortgage just under my name after getting married? I don't think I can hide my status once I got married and registered with Skatteverket right?)

2. If yes in 1., would it be better I found something and ask for the mortgage BEFORE she applies for a visa to try to move to Sweden?

3. If yes in 1., would it make the mortgage situation better if she applies for a degree at the Uni, or things like SFI, in order to make her status to become a 'student' instead of 'unemployed'?

Thanks a lot in advance! I know it's a long story and so many confusing questions but I can't really find a better place to look for some advice than here smile.gif !

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post 26.May.2018, 12:24 PM
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1. Probably yes, as you will then have a dependent

2. Yes, not least because you should also get a prenup agreement with her. So if the relationship breaks up, you own the property.
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