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Fancy Thai microwave meals?

For my research

post 28.Nov.2013, 02:08 PM
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Dear all,

I have moved to Sweden since 2009 and has set up a small Thai takeaway and catering business for 4 years now. We got great response from customers and our food is a hit in a little town. It's time we are taking things to the next level hoping that there is opportunity for us on supermarket's shelves at your local ICA , Coop and etc.
our questions are

Are you like us that we are so fed up with poor food scene in general? There's hardly any good Thai food to be found. Most Thai restaurants here are of poor quality and cheap despite the fact that Thai cuisine are amongst the best in the world.

Being a Thai person educated in England and spent half of my life time there I had never felt far from home because of what's available in restaurants and supermarkets. For the last 4 years in Sweden all I long for is my yearly trip to bangkok for my family visit. I would spend most of my time there eating like I will never eat again!

My next question is does it appeal to you at all 'microwave Thai food '? Especially of good quality. The point is I would like to make it widely available and also affordable.

How often you feel like trying something new? If it's not the usual household brands like Felix ,Findus or Santa Maria.

I understand very well that microwave meal would not be everyone 's cup of tea. But with modern lifestyle it's undeniably convenient.

Thank you very much for your time and I respect both negative and positive comments coming. It would be very useful informations for me.
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post 5.Nov.2014, 10:32 AM
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In all honesty, if I want Thai food I get it from a restaurant. Microwave food may be convenient but it is also generally full of extra crap to make it last/be microwaveable.

I also find (as a Brit) that Swedes tend to be much better at bulk cooking and having extra portions left in the fridge for exactly that moment when you'd reach for a microwave meal - but I am generalising within my circle of family/friends.
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