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Studying in Lund

university or SFI courses

post 6.Nov.2014, 01:02 AM
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Hey! I should be getting my papers in the mail soon that include my residence permit, personal number.. so...finally I can look into taking a Swedish course. I need some information though. I believe once I have my permit and personal number that the government will pay for me to take swedish language courses correct? I live in H?ssleholm and know there are at least two schools with SFI courses I could take. I think that is wonderful as it's so close! However, I'm wondering if studying at a University is better. I'm looking into Lund University. They have this study abroad swedish program that starts August 2015. It consists of beginner levels 1-4. So I have many questions that hopefully somebody with more knowledge and experience can answer for me! smile.gif

1. Has anyone taken beginner Swedish language courses in Lund? What were they like?
2. As a new resident, will the government pay for my language classes and transportation to get to University?
3. Is University better than SFI?
4. How many days a week are the classes?
5. Is there a final proficiency test?

I know it would be more convenient to study in my own city but if my schooling is paid for, I want to consider Lund University as it sounds more intensive than SFI. Also I feel like University may be better for me to meet other people and make friends and just get out to be in a busier and more lively city than H?ssleholm. Hope to hear from some of you! Good luck in everyones studies smile.gif
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post 2.Dec.2014, 01:16 AM
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hej quesera

i have the same situation. if you learn please write here. cause ? am also wondering is university education better than this sfi ...
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