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The Local _ International affairs _ Religion?Never believe in these bullshits

Posted by: bzymbzymk 13.Sep.2018, 05:09 PM

A short story about long bullshit! it is surprising that idiocy is probably about 90% of the population. Everyone is classified to lesser or greater idiocy and being cheated.

Posted by: intrepidfox 13.Sep.2018, 05:23 PM

I hope you win you legal case

Posted by: bzymbzymk 13.Sep.2018, 05:40 PM

LOL...Yes smile.gif 2 meter under the ground:) Most of topics on my blog are in poolacks language but these stupid nation (polacks) are illateraes. In opposite to swedes such things like MILAB and science shouldn't to be difficult to understand. If mean about communication with polacks...Lol...I even do not remember how many time i was on the edge of death as a MILAB. Anyway polacks actually made Holocaust and caused II WW with Jews as a one team. I hope that swedish society wil be much smarter than the most stupidest nation - polacks. I have directed the accusation to prosecutor's office for the enormous participation of poolacks in the Holocaust. Today in pooland, 50% of it's antisociety is what I call hybrids and describes it all on the blog. Now I am waiting for a document about the refusal of judicial proceedings and then Strasbourg and The Hague.

Let's guess folks what is the prosecutor's office name in my region? Mr. Wojtyla, as well as the pope, a pedophile poolack John Paul 2 ( Karol Wojtyła). The worst in the world judiciary and the stupidest nation ... Eh it will be hard but thanks smile.gif

Posted by: bzymbzymk 13.Sep.2018, 05:52 PM

I do not support religiosity in any way, but poolacks are such hypocrites that Arabs can call dirty ppl ( because of colour of skin). While at least 25% of poolacks do not wash their teeth at all. Reading in this nation is about 0.5 books per polack. Generally, Lithuanians of whom there are less than 3,000,000, read quantitatively more books than poolacks, of which there are about 40,000,000 + 15,000,000 constituting as the Polonia. So we have the return of the "undermensch" terminology. Does establishing of catholicism in such country is something strange? Taking into account such huge naivety and idiocy of these nation?

Posted by: Gamla Hälsingebock 13.Sep.2018, 06:32 PM

So , tell us what you really think about "poolacks" but don't be so ambiguous, tell us loud and clear...Stop these vague hints...

Do you like them???

Posted by: bzymbzymk 13.Sep.2018, 06:38 PM

It seemed to me that I spoke in a fairly clear way. Is not a provocation? Rather, it is not a matter of hatred but of great disgust. poolacks can not be liked, u can't trust or respect them. in case of your question? Yes, if I refer to those cases which I described, I hate them terribly, even though I do not belong to people who would show this type of prevailing personality traits is just necessary!

poolacks - poo poo (poolacks) is that not a sufficient argument?

Posted by: Gamla Hälsingebock 13.Sep.2018, 06:42 PM

But a simple counter argument that would consist of..."sticks and stones, etc." would be most effective...

And don't forget..."My son, you must believe"


Posted by: bzymbzymk 13.Sep.2018, 06:59 PM

Such things like "belief" are only noting more than delussions:) I prefer to replace "belief" for probability:)

Posted by: Gamla Hälsingebock 13.Sep.2018, 07:11 PM

What is left if there is nothing to believe in???

Posted by: bzymbzymk 13.Sep.2018, 07:27 PM

U can set up your own not sb goals etc. all the shit that exists and the mass stupefaction of people arose as a result of faith. Planets etc. were not created as a result of the fact that some high-ranking old man in a bright beard said "rise up" only as a result of advanced technologies ( at least in the original version before the technological evolution mechanism which was created later). I've seen more than 1000 times UFOs in different formations, I know it exists (I know, and I do not believe but I know) or that I can build it. But for the question of how to do this is responsible science and research , not the belief in Jonas who was in the belly of a whale for 3 days:)

Posted by: intrepidfox 13.Sep.2018, 07:50 PM

I beleive more in aliens that stupid religion.

Posted by: Gamla Hälsingebock 13.Sep.2018, 08:09 PM

"some high-ranking old man in a bright beard"

You mean God is not a woman!!!

Posted by: bzymbzymk 13.Sep.2018, 08:11 PM

take a look on your body if you have any moles on your body and compare them to the star constellations, you will have an answer about your origin. If someone has not smashed the genetics very much in previous lives, you should have a pattern from the constellation. That's a small tip. It is surprised how 7 billion people have never noticed it at home and instead that they are able to indicate which actress had a red dress from HM last week. The Germans in 39 called it well, it was not propaganda but the truth about what the people are. Rational beings? None of these things is also a not matter of faith but of hard evidence :)IMHO:) we are biological organisms living in the space, not British, Swedes or Americans because none of these administrative expressions exist when the human body is placed under a microscope or we performs of it genetic testing.

Posted by: bzymbzymk 13.Sep.2018, 08:21 PM

You mean God is not a woman!!!
LoL smile.gif everyone knows that women are not giving birth to children but only men after all smile.gif. Therefore, the supposed god would certainly not be a woman, then the whole patriarchate would go into oblivion and the hijabs etc would have to be pulled down. From the point of view of manipulation (the term of manipulation was created by the church authorities), the statement that women are generating children is highly dangerous escpecially today:)

Posted by: Gamla Hälsingebock 13.Sep.2018, 08:54 PM

Aren't men helping the women to generate, or are they lazy and leave the generation to the women???

Posted by: bzymbzymk 13.Sep.2018, 09:12 PM

This is a rhetorical question. We know what's going on. Surprising IMHO is the identification of supposedly divine beings (and these are only representatives of alien civilizations) and the definition that every higher being referred to in religions must be a man. Even to me from the point of view of who I am and that I am really a guy, it seems to be extremely strange.

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