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Sweden vs Denmark

What do you think?

post 17.Aug.2014, 10:31 AM
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QUOTE (skogsbo @ 17.Aug.2014, 08:54 AM) *
I would take a different view, how many Swedes buy holiday homes in Denmark? If it was so great there, the summer traffic would be the other way around. Although legoland, exp ... (show full quote)

I have a friend who lives in Oslo, has a great job and absolutely loves the life there. It's expensive but they are also paid very well. A lot of Swedish kids go there for menial jobs but there are also excellent professional opportunities, got me thinking at least!

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post 29.Sep.2014, 12:34 PM
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So I have stated this in another thread but give it a go again.

I am currently on my way to move from Denmark to Sweden.
The reason is completly due to cultural reasons.

Danes are dull, boring and compeletly incapable of socalizing with other cultures. They dont know what small talk is an the culture is so extreme that I see no other alternative than moving to Sweden. The comformity is high in Sweden realtively to the USA, but in Denmark is is extreme. Danes are also obsessed with their rules, while in Sweden rules more serve as a recommendation. Only exception is alcohol.

I have both Danes and Swedish friends, and the difference is that swedes are a lot more comfortable in themselves, easier to chat about silly things with etc. When you talk with a swedem he will smile and laugh from time to time, while a dane will look at you with an indifferent expression no amtter if he is angry to happy.

Denmark is by far the most boring country on earth. Danes show absolutley no emotions what so ever, and if you are a non-danish speaker people will immediatley put up an unvisible barrier. Ever visited a danish party? Well, dont expect to meet new people because that something danes just dont like to do. They are uninterested in evrything new and this is very clearly depicted in danish society on both polticial and societaol level.

Swedes are a lot more outgoing, they are more than willing to try out other cultures, embrace changes. Sweden is now building skyscrapers, something danes would never do. DANES HATE TO GO OUT OF THEIR COMFORTZONE. Both the society and their people.
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post 29.Sep.2014, 01:46 PM
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QUOTE (Parzival @ 29.Sep.2014, 12:34 PM) *
So I have stated this in another thread but give it a go again.I am currently on my way to move from Denmark to Sweden.The reason is completly due to cultural reasons.Danes ar ... (show full quote)

Swedes are maybe more modern but on the social level they also dislike going out of their comfort zone.
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post 27.Feb.2015, 12:53 PM
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I have some suggestions for you about job searching. My friend tried to find a job and browsed jobs on different websites. There are several ones he likes most of all. There is a plenty of jobs there, an enormous count of different industries with wide range of salaries.

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