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Frustrated trying to learn Swedish

Don't seem to be allowed to speak Swedish

post 13.Mar.2012, 08:24 AM
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Spuds, with SFI you can control your pace of learning. If your goal is just to get a certificate, then you can race through it by learning the bare minimum in order to scrape through an exam. And there are those who choose to do that. Or you can decide to take longer, in order to really understands the fundementals and, more importantly, retain that knowledge. There are a number of ways to do that. You can simply tell your teacher that you're not comfortable with the pace of the class and you'd like to move to another class. I had a couple of classmates who did exactly that. We all got shuffled up to a higher level class together. After a couple of weeks they felt that they were really struggling, to the point where they were not actually learning a lot, and asked to move back to their former class. That was not a problem. I was also struggling at the time. I'd never learnt a language before and it was becoming rapidly clear to me that it wasn't something I had a natural flair for. I decided to stay where I was in the advanced class, but not to try and keep pace with some of the other students. I took longer to complete my assignments, and held off taking the national tests for a while. There is no time limit for SFI and it's the only time that you're going to be able to learn Swedish in a relatively non stressful environment. Take as long as you need and don't let the teacher dictate your pace. The course is there for your benefit, not their's.
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