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Switching from Student Permit to Work Permit

Obtain a work visa After approval of Student Visa

post 12.Sep.2019, 03:55 PM
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Hello Everyone,
I feel that i am in a bit of mess.

I came here in August, 2018 for my master's studies. Towards the end of my first year, I applied for an extension of student permit with a 60 credit course completed already in my first year which was approved my migrationsverket sometime around July.

However, it happens that i got a full time job just about when the second year studies was about to start so I opted for work instead of continuation of studies.

The problem is that I have two conflicting resolution which I am not sure of . The company I work for has all the necessary collective agreement in place and they are ready to go on with my work permit. However, the 3rd party company (Human Entrance) which they employed said that I can't apply for a new work permit since my extended student permit is still new - about 10 months to go.

The human entrance company suggested that I continue work with my current student visa pending on when it is about to expire before applying for a work permit. They claimed that Migrationsverket won't honour my application for work permit since I still have about 10 months left on my current student permit

This I found very strange. I have called migrationsverket concerning this but there seems to be two sides to it depending on whoever answers the phone call. One side suggested that I will have to wait and another side suggested that i can go ahead an apply for a work permit irrespective of the number of months on my current student permit. The company I work seem to agree with the Human Entrance company as well.

This is where it get a bit milky to me, I wish to find out what the legal implication is if I go ahead with my application or if I choose to wait towards expiration of my current student permit?

The last time I check with the school concerning putting my studies on hold as a possible chance to get refunded for my money, I was told that if I do that, the school will have to notify Migrationsverket almost immediately that I am no longer in school, even though I have a valid student permit, which will invariably means cancellation of my student permit on their system.

Of course i know some friends who have been able to successfully switch their visa type immediately after getting a job but my case seems to put me in doubt of what is true or not. I don't know how best to drive this with the company in question without being looked upon as a desperate person since they seem to be on the side of the Human Entrance company as well.

I intend doing one course during the LP while working full time as well, which implies that I will continually pay for studies with my current student permit. Does this means that I will continue pay school fees as well even though I have a permanent job ? How can I convince my current company to go ahead with it, irrespective of what the Human Entrance Company suggested?

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Case officer
post 12.Sep.2019, 05:29 PM
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1. You can apply for anything you like. You can apply to be king of Sweden if you like.

2. If you apply for something, you won't necessarily be granted what you apply for.

3. You have a residence permit.

4. Since you already have a valid residence permit, you can not be granted residence permit again.

5. If you still wish to apply, your application will be refused immediately and you have lost SEK 1,000.

5. Listen to your contact at Human Entrance, they know what is possible to do.

6. Apply for a permit when your current one expires in 1-2 months.

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post 13.Sep.2019, 07:23 PM
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I found myself facing a similar situation a couple of months ago. I was doing my thesis at a company in Sweden, when I received an offer to switch to working full-time at the same company in March 2019.

The company decided to wait until May 2019 (as my study permit was expiring at the end of June 2019) to apply for a work permit. My work permit application was sent in the first week of May, however my case officer kept the file on hold stating that a new legal position paper (issued in the last week of April) instructed case officers not to issue fresh work permits or process files pertaining to the same, of persons who already hold a permit that allows them to work without restrictions in Sweden. Finally, my work permit was processed in July (after my study permit expired), and approved.

As you may already know, a study-permit allows you to work full-time without restrictions in Sweden.

In view of the above, it seems that Human Entrance and Case officer have given you the correct advice.

If you're unable to get any more information from Human Entrance or Migrationsverket, you could talk to an immigration lawyer at your expense to clarify the current legal position regarding this matter.

Regarding tuition fees, please take a look at the following webpage:

If you have a temporary Swedish residence permit issued to you on the basis of something other than studies (such as a two-year work permit), you could take courses without paying application or tuition fees. This would mean that merely having a permanent job would not be enough to qualify for the same.
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