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US Senator Diane Feinstein sued in Small Claims Co

regarding documents released by STATE in 2010

post 5.Nov.2016, 08:50 PM
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Require assitance on this, please. I filed a Small Claims suit against US Senator Diane Feinstein (DEM, CA) regarding her staff's failure to acknowledge, and failure to receive my questions about altered State Department documents and related information on deletion of documents on GPO's servers. Documents from State are from 2010 (under Hillary for those who are counting), and 2014 for the related GPO documents deleted from GPO's servers (the documents were once upon a time posted on GPO's servers, since that is how I found the documents, but have since been deleted).

Since it's SMALL claims, I was only able to file a one page written addition, which admittedly looks crazy until you recognize that there are Paper Documents which need to be fetched from Government locations--which I can't do, and which Senator Feinstein CAN do but is refusing to do (because her staff refuses to forward my information to her).

Court case is in Los Angeles Superior Court, Small Claims @ Inglewood

Case : 16IWSC04566 (please NOTE the IWSC = IngleWood Small Claims--there is only one "one" in the case number and that's the '16'.

When: Dec 29 @ 1:30 PM inglewood court house, Los Angeles
google: LA Superior Court Small Claims Party Name Search

\There's a $1 fee to print the page SC-100 ITEM 3 which is what I'm asking someone on here to do, and then promulgate the page. The site only accepts VISA, Mastercard, and Discover.

I can provide more explanation.

and no, it won't change the election, but with two and half months until Inauguration, a lot of people are going to have much explanation to do!

thank you!

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