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English CV vs. Swedish CV
Is a Swedish CV better even though not required?
6 Alex78 3,327 18.Sep.2009
By: Alex78
No New Posts 5 ELMECHWARA 2,305 15.Sep.2009
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Jobs in hospitals
Getting a medic's job in Sweden
7 Bisonex 7,899 13.Sep.2009
By: Bisonex
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Finding a job by posting to The Local
Has anyone EVER got a job this way?
2 canuk 1,783 12.Sep.2009
By: smokin joe
No New Posts 7 Oskarsmamm… 3,289 12.Sep.2009
By: Oskarsmamm…
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Jobs for a U.S. registered nurse in Sweden
Chances of finding work without speaking Swedish  * 12
15 Michigan 20,666 12.Sep.2009
By: Omidn
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Problems for foreigners in finding a job
It seems really hard, what are your experiences?
8 *watch3* 3,239 9.Sep.2009
By: adisa
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CV preparation help
Possibilities to get help in preparing CV
3 IND 1,607 8.Sep.2009
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Is it better to hunt for a job in Sweden
...or from my home country via the net?
4 ELMECHWARA 2,036 5.Sep.2009
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Salary expectations for a product manager
How much can I earn in Sweden?
12 *rynik* 20,439 5.Sep.2009
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Contacted by Arbetstörmedlingen
Contacted by them job offer
5 Caribbean … 2,835 5.Sep.2009
By: gplusa
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Confused about a job offer
Please advise which job to choose  * 12
17 volvo_saab 4,819 4.Sep.2009
By: dahlin
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Working as nurse in Sweden
Requirements for a US registered nurse
1 stephanie9… 1,412 1.Sep.2009
By: Puffin
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Builder and farmer jobs without speaking Swedish
Tips on where to find such work
2 *cop369* 6,764 30.Aug.2009
By: Renfeh Hgu…
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Temporary work agencies in Sweden
Advice on finding clerical/administrative jobs
3 lolaluv 2,653 28.Aug.2009
By: Puffin
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Newspaper distributor job
How to get one with
1 xenu 6,872 16.Aug.2009
By: Lipp
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Doing a thesis then taking a job at same company
Do employers generally do this, shall I ask them?
8 sverige 4,869 6.Aug.2009
By: sverige
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Finding work as a UK nurse in Sweden
Chances of getting a job and other advice
11 *Tara x* 10,768 28.Jul.2009
By: Puffin
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Step-in jobs
How do they work, and are they worth it?
7 Jukka 6,382 26.Jul.2009
By: ioneva
No New Posts 1 xenu 1,918 24.Jul.2009
By: kerostarfx
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Chances of finding IT work in Sweden
As a foreigner with experience who speaks Swedish
7 Salmon 2,911 24.Jul.2009
By: Salmon
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Getting a job as an accountant in Sweden
Finding work and converting English qualifications
10 Symbe 17,759 16.Jul.2009
By: Puffin
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SAP jobs in Sweden
Tips on where to look for such work
6 summer 10,705 3.Dec.2008
By: Curt R.
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