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The Local _ Life in Sweden _ Maintaining Swedish houses

Posted by: Hopgood 22.Aug.2019, 08:14 AM

So I have a typical Swedish red wooden house, with a few white bits too.

How often do you need to paint a house like this with rödfärg and is it worth paying the extra for real falu röd, or is the cheap stuff from öob ok?

How often do you paint your white fascias, etc with gloss exterior paint?

Posted by: skogsbo 22.Aug.2019, 08:23 AM

Yes it's worth the extra for the house. Out buildings etc less critical, but it does matter if you use better stuff. It's cheap for a reason.

How often? When it needs it! You'll be able to tell as it fades and wears, looks more wood like. Especially the bottom if rain splashes off it or snow sits against.

I'd say every 10 years is a reasonable benchmark to start at. It's much cheaper to paint slightly too often than replace the planks, which should easily do 100 years.

I'd always add at 10% water to the paint. The longer it takes to dry the more it soaks in. This is why you never paint on hot sunny days, or even when the sun is on it at all. A cloudy dull day is perfect.


White bits. Again as it needs it. And again i would use the quality stuff. It's not cheap though. If the windows themselves are old the paint around the glass and over the putty might be different and you'll need linseed oil paint. It helps preserve the putty and frames.

Posted by: Bsmith 22.Aug.2019, 11:54 AM

Spend the money for the good stuff, it will last much longer and will be cheaper in the long run. Also, do not skip on the preparation...the sanding and scraping. Not much fun but if you neglect it, the paint will fail and you'll have to do it over.

Posted by: bonviveur 22.Aug.2019, 02:22 PM

just make sure you do not paint oil based on slamfärg, use same kind new paint as existing paint.
If it is slamfärg, best would be to cook it yourself if you know how, because this type of paint available in shops these days are missing some very much needed ingredients, which protects wood.thats because environmental regulations I believe

Posted by: Hopgood 22.Aug.2019, 05:38 PM

Thanks all for your input. Is sanding really needed before painting over existing white gloss? I thought the modern water based acrylic paints were much more tolerant of an unprepared surface? I agree any loose paint needs scraping away, it’s sound paint which I’m referring to.

Slamfärg vs. Oil based paint - are we talking about two distinct types of rödfärg here? I wasn’t aware - so how could I tell if my house was previously painted with slamfärg vs. Oil based rödfärg?

Is the cheap stuff from öob oil based?

I don’t think I’m going to be cooking any slamfärg myself anytime soon. Maybe when I’ve been in the country twenty years and have become an old hand at all this stuff.

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