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The Local _ Studying _ Folkuniversitetet?

Posted by: Maria A 19.Sep.2005, 04:14 PM


I'm considering taking a marketing course at Folkuniversitetet instead of Stockholm University. The difference is that you have to pay for it at Folkuniversitetet, so I want to be convinced that it's worth the money before deciding...

Does anyone have experience of studying at Folkuniversitetet?


Posted by: Jeanette 26.Jun.2006, 02:56 PM

I went on a Folkuniversitetet Swedish course and I was pretty impressed. It's not cheap (especially compared to SFI) but as an intensive language booster it did the job.

Posted by: Sez 29.Jun.2006, 12:06 PM

I've studyied swedish at the folkuniversitet as well but not anyother subjects. if is was me i'd choose university. Just because of the cost and also i found the teachers at the folkuniversitet a litte unprepared in lessons. As they don't get paid for the prep time, just the teaching time.

Posted by: Swedensm 29.Jun.2006, 12:13 PM

I did levels 1-4 at Folkuniversitetet and found them excellent.

Posted by: Irizald 2.Jul.2006, 09:39 AM

What's the best way to learn swedish? I'll move there soon and don't know how to start (i've heard that the free courses for imigrants are not too good). Should i go to Folkuniversitet? Are there any alternatives?
Thx a lot!!! :roll: [/img][list]

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