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The Local _ Cooking _ Any chefs and culinary lovers here?

Posted by: JMUrban 16.Oct.2014, 11:10 PM

Not sure if anyone has heard of Urban Chef - it's sort of like Airbnb for chefs. You put up a profile with your menu and etc., and people visiting can book a meal with you at your home, getting a nice and immersive experience while chefs who aren't working in restaurants can make a living despite the competitive job market out there.

Is anyone here interested? So far it's very popular in Italy and Spain.

Posted by: Guest 17.Oct.2014, 09:56 AM


Posted by: JMUrban 2.Nov.2014, 02:28 PM

Sure thing, here:

Posted by: MisterDuck 1.Jan.2016, 03:15 PM

It's a nice idea but I'd be terrified of going to some stranger's house to eat their food. I mean, it really doesn't appeal!

For me a restaurant meal is as much about the experience of eating out as the food. It's the atmosphere which makes a good dining experience and going to some random person's house could be so awkward!

Posted by: orangetree 3.Jan.2016, 12:59 PM

Unfortunately it is far from Airbnb. There is no price, You have to request from each people and wait for a reply. That s bizarre. There is no geo tagging. You say Barcelona but you see only Italians. Website is useless but idea was good. It is no way practical to use it.

Posted by: Mistress_Of_Doom 14.Mar.2016, 04:00 AM

Have to agree with MisterDuck. It almost seems like a stupid or dangerous idea. When you go to a restaurant, they have health and safety regulations to help ensure that the food served is safe to eat. Also I'm sure the atmosphere in a complete stranger's house would be extremely awkward.

Getting murdered is probably also a thing.

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