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The Local _ Norrland _ Chasing the sun

Posted by: chinde01 4.Jun.2015, 10:11 PM

Hi All

I'm new to Sweden and am enjoying the long days we're currently having. I am a little too far south (?rnsk?ldsvik-ish) to get the full 24hrs daylight, however I am planning a trip north to see it. Can anyone suggest any good events which will be happening around that time which will take in the super long day? I am particularly interested in any Sami/traditional folk type stuff.

Many thanks in advance.

Posted by: skogsbo 5.Jun.2015, 08:04 AM

You mean midsummers day, or rather the Friday before? Or in general? As those farther north will enjoy the sun for a month or two constantly, not just a set day.

Posted by: chinde01 5.Jun.2015, 09:45 AM

I'm not too hung up on midsummer day/eve (as I know there is a bigger window than just the one day) but I will be traveling around that time as I'm thinking that that is when the events will be.
Currently looking at the Saturday/Sunday just after midsummer.

Posted by: skogsbo 5.Jun.2015, 12:35 PM

sat, sun... You might find some family day time stuff, but most people will be recovering, cleaning up and doing a trip to the bottle bank with the empties.

Posted by: Hisingen 6.Jun.2015, 11:01 AM

With crowds at the chemists getting Alvedon or Alka Seltzers - - - biggrin.gif

Posted by: elliha 12.Jun.2015, 10:30 AM

I suggest a little trip to Gammelstads kyrkby outside Lule? to see a world heritage site and a beautiful medieval church which is quite unique in the northern parts of Sweden. Then I suggest that you go to Jokkmokk. Jokkmokk will give you the 24h sunlight you want to experience and there you can also for example visit Ajtte the Sami museum or find some nature activity there if you want to see the difference in the environment compared to ?rnsk?ldsvik, it is truly significant. If you go to Jokkmokk you will pass Harads, they have a very nifty tree hotel which I haven't checked out but it seems very interesting. Voullerim could also be a destination for you or why not any of the fj?ll-resorts in the very northern parts such as Riksgr?nsen if you want to do some hiking and nature exploration. It is fully possible to go to these places in the summer as well even though they are generally considered to be skiing resorts.

Posted by: chinde01 13.Jun.2015, 10:37 AM

Thanks elliha, great suggestions. I had been eying up Lule? and Jokkmokk so this fits really well. Riksgr?nsen looks a bit too far for a quick weekend away.

Many thanks!

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