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The Local _ Legal _ Mistake in Personnummer

Posted by: aserella 19.Nov.2018, 04:26 PM


I was wondering if any one of you had a mistake in your registration to personnummer?

I arrived to Sweden in the beginning of September and I applied to Swedish personnel number right away. After my 2 letters "mysteriously" disappeared on the post, I finally got my personnel number. I immediately scheduled an appointment at skatteverket (tax office) to get an ID card, so that I can open up a bank account, and have a BANK ID finally. I paid the 400 krons via forexbank as no other option is available.

I applied to my ID card on October 2. About a week later, I received another letter from skatteverket: my personnummer had changed because they made a mistake and registered me as a man instead of a woman!!

I directly went to skatteverket, they first told me to take another appointment and pay again(!) I told them that it was not my mistake and I needed the ID card as soon as possible as I needed to open up a bank account to get my salary and the BANK ID which covers pretty much everything in Sweden...

After some consideration they accepted to change my previous ID card application and told that I would get it in a few weeks...

It has been more than 1 and a half month and I still do not have my ID card.

Firstly, they told me that as this is a strange situation, they converted my case into a file and nobody was picking up my file in Stockholm... I kept calling them twice a week as every time I called skatteverket they gave me different information. Finally 3.5 weeks ago they told me that it is waiting for printing and it would take 2 weeks to arrive. 1.5 week ago I called them again and they said that they hoped I would received it that week. I still do not have any ID card. I went to the skatteverket office in my town (Vaxjo) again to ask in the office. A very mean lady told me that my change was just made and it would take weeks for my ID card to arrive so I should be patient

As this is a very weird and tiring situation, I thought that I was the only unlucky one. However I learnt that this happens to many people. I met someone who had her birthday registered wrong, and another person who had her last name written wrong. They are also waiting for their cases to be solved.

I would like to learn if any of you had the same situation? If you did, how did you solve it? This delay cost me a lot of money as well as emotional challenge and if continues I will try to sue the responsibles...

Posted by: Brixwoth 19.Nov.2018, 11:08 PM

There have been so many complaints here about person numbers. This is just seems to be how it is, there is little you can do but push on, complain and be ignored. I had a similar problem a few years back, insisted on an appointment to sort the problem, when I got there the woman was on holiday !!! I am sure she did it on purpose. Got there in the end. Good luck.

Posted by: aserella 20.Nov.2018, 11:04 AM

I'm sorry for your experience as well. this is just so frustrating and feels like a never ending story

Posted by: bonviveur 20.Nov.2018, 06:36 PM

swedish bureaucrats at their best, keep calling them otherwise they are not going to do anything, good luck

Posted by: aserella 21.Nov.2018, 11:49 PM

unfortunately calling also does not help as always a different person picks up the phone with a different explanation

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