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How to get website to delete my private account

Relevant paragraphs in personuppgiftslagen?

post 12.Nov.2017, 01:20 PM
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The company Samtrygg refuses to delete my account despite that I do not use their site anymore and haven't used it for more than a year, writing to me: "Unfortunately, we cannot remove our records for any reason. However, rest assured that all data is stored in accordance with Swedish law". I am fairly sure that this is illegal at least according to EU and (hopefully also) Swedish laws as best I understand them; What legal clause(s) can I use to force them to delete my data? In (some) other EU countries, people have the right to have their data removed, and I have not had the same problem finding the relevant laws in those countries that I do here.

For example, on page 15 of a government summary of the Personal Data Act in English, the owners of personal data are to "ensure that personal data is not kept for a longer period than is necessary". Likewise, the site Datainspektionen has a similar summary in Swedish:

Hur länge får man bevara personuppgifter?

Ett grundläggande krav i personuppgiftslagen är att personuppgifter inte ska bevaras under en längre tid än vad som är nödvändigt med hänsyn till ändamålet med behandlingen.

On the same page, a concrete case is described for customer data (as I ostensibly am to Samtrygg, because their service costs money):


I ett förhållande mellan säljare och kund bör personuppgifterna inte längre bevaras om mellanhavandet mellan säljaren och kunden har avslutats, till exempel då en vara har levererats och är helt betald.

Unfortunately, however, I haven't been able to find the actual relevant paragraphs in the Swedish laws themselves, e.g. personuppgiftslagen 1998:204. Can anyone help in this regard? I wish I had never even learnt of Samtrygg.
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