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Installing a new ceiling Lamp

Rules and the two pin socket without grounding

post 21.May.2019, 11:13 PM
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I recently bought a Ceiling lamp for the apartment. I have to mount it of course so I set about figuring it out. It seems there are a few complications.

  • Am I allowed to mount a new ceiling lamp?
    I went out shopping to Clas Ohlson for some things I figured I needed and went ahead asking for advice. I was promptly told that it was illegal for them to give me any sort of advice and I should get an electrician to do this. After some research and forums and a sign I saw at clas ohlson, I found this site
    This doesn't say clearly that you can or cannot do it. It does say that you can do everything around installing the ceiling lamp itself like changing the socket, installing a ceiling fixture socket etc.
    So the first question is, does this necessarily need an electrician?
  • Wall socket without a ground?
    The ceiling lamp I'm trying to mount is metallic but with a ground connection.
    But the socket looks like below and is without a ground
    Attached Image .

    The socket is a fair distance away from the center of the room where the lamp needs to be mounted so I went out and bought this ceiling mount (ungrounded) and this long ungrounded wire.

    But now it's got me thinking. The lamp provides a grounding but if that isn't followed through by any grounding in the final socket , it's still going to end up being ungrounded. It's a metallic lamp so I'm skeptical about going ahead

    Is there a way around this short of calling an electrician and then having him change the socket to a grounded one?
    I'm sure this is an oft encountered situation here.

Edit: I've googled this problem and also read a couple of old posts on this forum which talk about similar but not quite the same issues. Haven't found anything exactly for my situation.
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