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What does Lagom really mean?

Has anyone in this Swede bashing forum cracked it?

post 5.Sep.2013, 07:12 AM
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QUOTE (jbrolley @ 23.Aug.2013, 04:57 AM) *
Going back to the bar example, person A drinks lagomly while person B drinks in överdrivet.

QUOTE (jbrolley @ 5.Sep.2013, 04:08 AM) *
Moderate exercise does relate to lagom for students and white collar workers in that a desk job is balanced with leisurely exercise.

I'm sensing that you have not quite grasped what it means. Lagom is what's right for that individual, it's not a precise or cultural or national level. So drinking levels would vary to achieve lagom in everyone, the same for exercise.
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post 5.Sep.2013, 11:06 AM
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Personally I think that jbrolley is off his/her trolley - to a lagom extent.
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post 6.Sep.2013, 04:06 AM
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At least I am not too radical.
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post 6.Sep.2013, 05:11 AM
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You should check out this video on YouTube. It is funny.

In America, not everyone that spends money on status symbols are wealthy. In fact, many of them are not wealthy and are deeply in debt. There are cases where young adults living with their parents spend too much money on these status symbols. They want to disguise the fact that they are not employed in jobs that would provide them an independent living. Friends that have to foot the bill know that the display of wealth is fake.

I have read in many sources that Swedes do not like people being too flashy (fancy clothes, cars, etc). The sources relate this to lagom, but this could be questionable. It is also important to note that even if you are not into status symbols, Americans can perceive you as upper middle class if you look healthy, love to travel, and eating out in moderation (without the worry of running out of money). It has happened to me before. With people posting vacation photos on Facebook, travel could become the new status symbol.

With regards to lagom, yes it is important to consider that people have diverse tastes and needs. On person's lagom may be excessive to another. There is a point when the amount becomes too excessive to everyone. No rational person would want to drink to the extent that they would not survive the night.
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