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Swedish Citizenship Habitual Residence

Residence Requirment

post 4.Jun.2019, 05:55 PM
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I am looking into applying for a Swedish Citizen. I am a British Citizen and have been here for a while. I already have applied for and been given a Certification of permanent right of residence (

Looking carefully at the requirements for Swedish citizenship there is only one problematic one - Habitual Residence. (

In my time I have been a student and returned home for the summers meaning that the rules apply as I was home in those years for about 80 days:

Travel abroad

If you have travelled abroad on, for example, short trips or holidays, this is of no importance for your period of habitual residence in Sweden. But if you have been abroad for more than six weeks in a year, the whole period you were outside Sweden is deducted from the period of habitual residence. If you move to another country and settle there your habitual residence is interrupted. You can start to count your habitual residence from the day you move back to Sweden again.

Can anyone help with the following questions:
1. When considering a year is it a calendar year or a period of 365 or 366 days from the date of your arrival?
2. Does six weeks mean 42 days or something else?
3. No matter which definition of years is used how are trips that straddle a year end handled?
4. Do you count days of departure, and days of arrival or whole days outside Sweden?
4. Assuming its a calendar year in answer to 1, in the first year in Sweden I came in late August and spent 23 days abroad visiting family. Is the 42 days proratered or do you get 42 days for a partial year.
5. Similarly for this year we are now in June do I get 42 days for time abroad until the date of application or is it prorater-ed?
6. What would happen if I went over the 42 days subsequent to my application - which may happen.
7. I have some long trips abroad to support elderly family relatives, I maintained my flat in Sweden just was not here for long periods do I still count as being resident in Sweden during these?
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post 4.Jun.2019, 08:38 PM
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They'll just count how many days you were not in sweden. Deduct it from how long since you first arrived. If this is more than 5 years (5*365) you'll qualify, at least on time in sweden.

You are a resident when you are physically in sweden.
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