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The Local _ Studying _ Apply for both first and second admission round?

Posted by: pebbletots 15.Mar.2017, 05:42 PM

Hello! I just found out I am disqualified from 3 of the 4 Masters programs I applied to. The one in progress I have a VERY small chance of getting in and don't plan on being qualified. One is a surprise as I had assumed I would get in. They are claiming I don't meet the required social science credits even though my degree is in Communication Studies which is all social science. I do plan on writing them about it since I think it is their error and I can prove I actually meet more than required. In the US it's called a "Bachelors of Arts" which I think may be a part of the problem.

So now my question is: Can I apply for the second round even though I've done the first round? I would like to apply for the communication studies program since that is my actual degree and I have a much higher chance of getting in. It was just very low on my list of what I wanted to study and since I only had 4 choice chose not to...big mistake. I'm worried if I try to apply now it will delete my in progress application and I want to keep it for the small chance they'll take me :/ How would I do this?

Posted by: Man 15.Mar.2017, 06:37 PM

I think you should wait till you get the fourth result

Posted by: EmelieBrocker 4.May.2017, 04:58 PM

same prob sad.gif

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