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Dogs' rules in Sweden

What apply for a dog

post 10.Aug.2013, 10:40 AM
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I just moved with my dog in Sweden (Uppsala) and I am confused about the rules that apply for the dogs here. First of all is it allowed to leave my dog off leash?Can I enter with my dog in public buildings such as cafe?What about the health covering..Are there are hospitals for doctors or private veterinarians? Can anyone help me?

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post 10.Aug.2013, 10:57 AM
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Use common sense ... when in public places keep your dog on a leach at all times. While in a forest etc it would be ok given you are not near a road / your dog is not aggressive He may not be allowed into cafes etc, but as for shopping centres etc it is no problem having him in such a public place. I see people with dogs there all the time. Buses too. For cafes etc it is upto the discretion of the owner/staff.
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post 10.Aug.2013, 09:01 PM
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Adding to the above, out in the 'wild' you have to observe not only common sense, but there are periods when all dogs must be on a leash. These times are usually announced in the press but you must ensure that you don't miss them. Ignorance of the law not being an excuse. As long as your dog does not chase - or is not likely to chase other animals you are relatively OK but if there is the slightest risk, use a leash or risk having your dog shoot by an angry farmer. Again - that is commmon sense.
Not all shopping centres allow dogs other than guide dogs.
There are one or two companies that insure pet animals but that may depend upon the age of the animal, and yes, there are quite a lot of vets around. Having said that, I will add that they are very expensive, as is the insurancel, but without insurance you need a very deep pocket.
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post 11.Aug.2013, 09:47 AM
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The dates are in the hunting law - basically when the birds and other animals are nesting in the spring dogs need to be on leash in the forest/parks. I think you need to keep dogs on leash except in dog parks in built-up kommun areas?

Food hygiene law forbids dogs/animals other than assistance dogs from premises selling/serving food? So you can't go to the pirate bar with a parrot or a poodle...
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post 11.Aug.2013, 11:09 AM
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Dogs are not usually allowed into places where food is served, like cafés. But there is "Dog cafés" where they are allowed, in Uppsala there is one on Björkgatan. I think it´s run connected to some center where dogs can go for a swim, and there is a vet and such things.

The dog should be in a leach, in populated areas, but there is a lot of dog owners that dont care about this law though, but that can result in a fine of 1000 kr if they meat a police man.

Here are the places in Uppsala where you can let your dog run with out a leach on, meet other dogs etc. "Hundrastgårdar".

You cant usually bring a dog into a mall, there are signs at the entrance saying "No dogs allowed". In a bus dogs should be in the back of the bus.

I think you should get an insurance as soon as possible, it can get very expensive otherwise. Most insurance companies offer a pet insurance. Agria is a company that has specialized themselves on pet insurances.

In Uppsala there is a University pet hospital:

but also many private vets:
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