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Swedish Dental Care

Who is doing what

post 6.Nov.2012, 03:09 PM
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I am also shocked by the stupidity of some of the responses to these questions.

Every piece of dental treatment in Sweden has a recommended price. I presume (but am not 100% certain) that Folktandvården always uses the recommended prices for treatment. Private dentists certaintly don't and I got rid of my own for always having higher than recommneded prices. You are entitled to get a bill where the recommended price and the actual price are clearly shown.

I think that the best thing you can do is to speak to people you know and get a good recommendation for a dentist...somone who doesn't do unnecessary work which, in my opinion, can be another problem. Remember however, that the only susbidy for treatment is SEK 150 for an annual checkup, unless you get a whole load of work done when the state starts to pay some of the cost.

In summary thererfore, it is indeed difficult to go to any dentist without washing away a few thousand kronor and from a cost point of view, it is probably more cost effective to let them all rot and then get them all repaired at the same time.
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post 15.Dec.2015, 11:02 AM
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The cost for dental care no matter if it's private or not is pretty much the same.

I visited Kungstandl?karna and their american (or at-least have relatives from Florida)...

They took very good care of me and their website is in English.
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