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The Local _ Stockholm _ Indoor ice skating

Posted by: Paradizelozt 2.Apr.2018, 10:56 AM

Hi, could anyone please tell me if it is possible to ice skate at indoor rinks in Sweden, throughout the entire year? In England this is possible regardless of the season - all ice rinks have public sessions in the evening.

I cannot find something similar here - it seems than you simply cannot skate at indoor rinks, for fun. At least not outside winter. Am i wrong?

If i am wrong then please give me some specific advice on where and when i can skate. DO NOT suggest the website, it is useless.

Surely i cannot be the only person in Sweden who would like to practise my skating during the summer!

Posted by: yet another brit 24.Dec.2018, 02:11 PM

Here is a site with what looks like a reasonable list of places that *might* have public sessions in the summer.

Most places that might be available in the summer are run primarily by and for hockey teams, as you have no doubt worked out.

One reason why this is, is that most people who use skates recreationally do so outside with long-distance skates (on which a hockey rink isn't ideal). They wait for the winter to freeze a lake (or if in Stockholm, somewhere like Östermalms IP to freeze) and have no interest in doing it year round.

Posted by: skogsbo 24.Dec.2018, 03:12 PM

Apart from a few top league teams ice rinks are owned by local councils. Curling rinks are more often ran by clubs, and bandy ice rinks by clubs.

Most skating rinks have free public sessions year round. These are just unsupervised doors left unlocked though. Helmets are often mandatory. The reason they are quieter in summer is if the weather is good and you've loads of daylight, many people switch to outdoor sports.

The sessions usually differentiate between with and without sticks. The rinks are hockey focused, but with a bit of coordination and planning, you can usually get on the ice for free a few times a week year round.

The difference in sweden to many countries is there will be no skate hire available.

Posted by: Mats_L 21.Jan.2019, 10:28 AM

I've researched this myself (old ice hockey player), and haven't once been able to find anything open in the summer.

If anyone actually finds something, I'd much appreciate if it was shared in this thread.

Posted by: skogsbo 21.Jan.2019, 10:30 PM

Just google; ishall stockholm allmänhetens åkning

I'd be amazed if you can't find indoor stuff. Stockholm is unlikely to be any different to the rest of the country.

Hockey teams and figure skaters don't stop skating for the summer. Only the outdoor bandy rinks close etc.

Edit. I played in the UK many moons ago, still have a blast out with a stick though every winter with the kids. If you struggle nearer the summer let me know, I can see if I can find one for you.

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