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Predictions Presidential Race 2012

USA election- 2012

post 7.Nov.2012, 03:36 PM
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ah ha ha "Investor" you sound like all the sore losers over here. it is YOU my friend that needs to read up and do some research. You simply just don't get it...I suppose you never will as that's they way you are programed to think. Agree to disagree I say! (Even though you are completely wrong and been proven time and time and time again...I mean really, do I need to state the obvious about ol Bush and the GOP destroyed everything that we had and was good in this country (Thanks Clinton!) I bet you are upset that Atkins and Murdoch lost too?? Cry me a river!!!!Any party with their ass backwards leader in Congress-Mitch boy McD who's sole agenda was to get a new President out of office has ZERO credibility. In fact based on the shifting of the country and how the counties played out it seems Florida is trending much more democratic. GOP is a dying party.

Bush/Biden 2012! Their grassroots campaign KICKED Romney's ass. I saw it, was part of it, and reveled in the fact it worked. The GOP seems to think USA is a country of old white men...Well Newsflash it isn't and once they shunned the Hispanics, women, and African Americans, and tried to place those ridiculousvoter restrictions...those groups came out in force and showed how this great country works...It wasn't even close. Landslide victory!!!!
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post 7.Nov.2012, 03:37 PM
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QUOTE (Hamsterdam @ 7.Nov.2012, 07:07 AM) *
Decency has prevailed and the selfish and greedy have lost. Of course Investor61 is a loser too but we didn't need a vote to come to that conclusion.

Amen to that haha!
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post 13.Nov.2012, 10:01 AM
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Americans have spoken and did they speak loud to the republicans, divisive politics has no place in modern society, continue with the same model and that party will be extinct by 2016!!!
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post 13.Nov.2012, 03:07 PM
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Not sure it is ever as simple as that. It's not all about voting for who you think is 'right' politically anymore, its more about voting for who manages to connect with you best.

Democrats spent a huge amount of money on getting votes, using facebook and other social networking, local campaigns, driving people to poll stations, putting people off voting Rep. at poll stations and 'advertising' their brand to non-English speakers. Republicans thought they could rely on the more traditional networks and failed.
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