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What Happened to Markbase With An Invisible Q?

He's Disappeared from the Face of the Earth

post 10.Feb.2010, 11:58 AM
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HPK had a baby, so it's possible that she doesn't have much time between work and taking care of the little linoleum lizard.

Gus.. Oh Gus. How I do miss his stories of "back in the day when Trow and I..."

VHW is missed as well.

And Bradey... I do miss how the two of you would go 'round and 'round. Just mention the word "lasers" and "physics" and there was a super long debate.

Now I miss the old crew even more :-(
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post 10.Feb.2010, 12:00 PM
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Oh, and Paulo... The gay banter used to leave me in tears from laughing so hard.
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Markbase with an Invisibl...
post 10.Feb.2010, 03:15 PM
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Just thought I'd stop in. To answer the question, I stopped coming here simply because, well, I guess I got bored with it and could no longer find much motivation or fun, in contributing or even visiting.

The changes that were made to the forum weren't really that big a deal to me. I think it was more things like the seemingly endless threads of pro- and anti-Islam (complete with mind-numbingly large numbers of YouTube links posted to add "legitimacy" to ludicrous claims). There was that, and it all just became a bit tedious in general - too many people just flaming each other - not my scene.

I also had a load of work on at the time when I left. Unfortunately, I haven't got much work these days, but I'm getting by - just about.

And one thing that I'd always found annoying is contributors making a huge song and dance about leaving the forum, saying big sobbing and/or vitriolic goodbyes - blah-blah-blah - only to come back on here within a week bitching about something someone had written, and not really ending up leaving anyway. Yawn.

So, I decided that I just didn't feel like being here anymore, and slipped quietly away. No offence to anyone, of course. I'm not saying I'll never become a regular again, but nor am I saying that I intend to make any kind of huge comeback either.

Oh, and by the way, I did indeed get a small role in a film. It's only a total of seven lines (in English with a German accent - hahaha), and you'll only probably see me on screen for a total of ten seconds (absolute max.), but it was a good laugh. It's called Odjuret, it's by the same guys who did Fjorton Suger and should be out sometime after the summer (September or October).

I still blog a bit and play with my blues/rock cover band CSI: Helsingborg.

Anyway, I actually do have an assignment to be getting on with, so ciao for now, guys. I miss many of you. I'm not too hard to get ahold of if you ever want to catch up properly!

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post 11.Feb.2010, 07:55 AM
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And what about Princess P?

Her continued absence is most noted, and special pleas about her not being hurt by attacks from parties well known seem on a par with HMG's special pleas about it not engaging in torture and lying.

We want our Majesty back please, and anyone who objects can expect to be stalked by me and my special operators until they change their minds, provided, of course, that they have ones.
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