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The Local _ Swedish news _ Another Meatballian Success Story:

Posted by: Gjeebes 9.Apr.2019, 05:40 PM

"Here's what you need to know about Sweden's crisis-hit postal service"

"...and 1.7 million parcels"

Wowzers, that's a load of wonder they are overwhelmed...

I thought the "Money for Nothing" Meatballs would have done better.

Posted by: Uncle Fred 9.Apr.2019, 06:47 PM

This is a case of say what you like about Postnord they don't care. They make excessive charges for anything posted outside the EU (would charge EU as well if they could) and the CEO is paid millions. By the way he is sticking 2 fingers up at you.

Posted by: Uncle Fred 9.Apr.2019, 06:48 PM

Deleted double post.

Posted by: BlackfDes 9.Jul.2019, 02:52 PM

Another spurious and unhelpful contribution from Gjeebes the kvetching curmudgeon.

Just use the "ignore username" function so you don't have to endure the horribly unhelpful posts from this painful kvetching curmudgeon.

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