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Qualifications required to teach English in Sweden

And teaching other subjects at secondary school

post 15.Dec.2015, 08:59 PM
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I have a masters degree in secondary education and I am a qualified English teacher for grades k-12 in the United States. I also have a TESOL and have 6 + years of teaching experience. I submitted my application to Skolverket 2 years ago to have my teaching credential accredited in Sweden and have recently received the response that they have chosen to decline my application. I have the required Swedish courses and my teaching education was accepted. The problem seems to be that I do not have enough credits in English, but I have not been given any information on how many credits it has been deemed I have or specifically what I lack. I did luck out and get a job a few years ago here in Sweden, but I am considered technically unqualified. This means I do not have a permanent position. The more information I gather, from in person meetings with guidance counselors at various universities in Sweden, the more I realize what I would need to do is take a so far undetermined number of courses. I may even be required to become a student teacher (although I've worked several years in Swedish school, have already been a student teacher in Sweden, and have even been the guiding teacher for 3 student teachers here). I continue to do what I am suggested to do by various agencies, yet I still can't seem to get anyone to tell me what actual courses I have to take. I have been accepted into the foreign teacher complimentary courses, so I might finally get an actual answer.

So you may be able to get a job with a foreign education (although the unemployment agency here has said it takes years for teachers with foreign educations to manage that), but the teacher credentialing process is a mess. My tip is to just plan on doing most if not all of your education in Sweden if you'd like it to count. Unfortunately, I am not the only teacher I know here that has a similar or worse story when it comes to having their foreign teaching credentials accredited.
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