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Calling all gamers, nerds, and tabletop players

Kungsbacka just got a new GM

post 25.Jul.2018, 05:46 PM
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Greetings everybody,

I am new to the forum but hope to get to engage in some interesting banter with other fellow members. I am Mihovil but everybody calls Mike on account that pronouncing my government name does not come easyt to most. I have recently moved to Fjärås (Kungsbacaka) and now that the majority of the stuff is unpacked I am on the search for starting a new group of gamers to meet up and hang out with on a bi monthly basis. I have several board games and card games and have experience running Role Playing Games (Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder etc.) I am hoping to connect with some new people and make some new friends through my hobby and passion.

A little background on me:

I also have worked in nightlife, the music industry and wrote for a few blogs in my day. I am a HUGE comic book geek to boot so all things nerdy I am down for discussing. Studied at Rochester, got a degree in management and am currently working a job which gives me weekends off and a fair amount of flexibility. My better and prettier half is my Swedish girlfriend (yeah I know, I'm one of those guys who stuck around for love). I moved to the West Coast with my girlfriend and twin brother and have lived in Sweden close to 2 years (mostly in Stockholm). I am open minded, humorous and enjoy football, American football, basketball, boxing, MMA, Sci Fi, fantasy and cooking (mostly Mediterranean and BBQ).

I had a group I hung out with twice a month in Stockholm and its as much a gaming experience as it is a social event. We have a lot of space and all the needed gear to run an RPG campaign and of course newcomers / newbs are always welcome. It was hard enough to meet new people in Stockholm when I first arrived with my work schedule and distance but I am optimistic after 3 months here that people are a little warmer and more forthcoming (for Swedes ... kidding but come people are pretty shy here).

If you ever had any interest in trying to play tabletop games or just grab a pint and talk about your favorite imaginary adventures this is an invitation to anyone looking to venture further into the hobby.

Really hope I get some feedback and comments and based on the response I will disclose more information. I encourage questions and comments even if they are not related to gaming and look forward to reading what you folks think.
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post 26.Jul.2018, 11:50 AM
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My wife just got a little excited. But then found out you're on the other side of the country. She thought you were in Kungsberg outside Sandviken, We're in Gävle currently. My wife who is Swedish tried to find a group for D&D here, but no luck. We recently found a fun group of guys and girls from around the EU and US and we play over discord with the roll20 website.

Really a shame you're so far away. There's 4 of us that are looking for a real group here, none of us have experience or want to be a GM though.

My wife and I regularly play warhammer, we've been putting in a good 15-20 hours a week on warhammer Vermintide 2 recently.

We get our family and friends around once a month for a BBQ (which is against the law now lol) beers and board games. We've been playing the house on the hill and baldurs gate board games lately.
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post 26.Jul.2018, 06:01 PM
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Yeah, real shame on account of our geographical locations but nevertheless I still appreciate the reply, always good to connect with fellow gamers and fans of the culture. I have a podcast called Nerd Dimension on Mix Cloud and hope to get back to it once I finalize the the studio here. But the invitation still stands if you guys ever want to see this part of the country the house has a spare guest room and lots of space. Maybe we can interview you guys for one of the podcasts via skype or google hangouts sometime.

Always glad and enthused when I heart here are other people or share the hobby especially Warhammer , never had a chance to play Warhammer Fantasy RPG just had the handbook for 2ED and love how its darker than DnD lol, just never had the fortune to bump into someone running a campaign.

If you guys bored feel free to check out (we went off the grid for a while but there are some articles and podcasts there that could prove entertaining)

Again thanks for the reply and keep it rolling *pun intended lol
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