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The Local _ Visas _ Migrationsverket not following the law

Posted by: adinfinitum 19.Sep.2019, 10:32 AM

Here's what Swedish Aliens Ordinance (2006:97) says in Chapter 8, section 10b

"Unless there are special reasons, a resident permit case under Chapter 4, Sections 9 and 16a shall be decided no later than four months from the date when the application was submitted.
If there are special reasons the period may be extended by a maximum of three months. In such a case the applicant shall be notified that the period will be extended. Ordinance (2006:262)."

I belong in this category specified under Chapter 4, section 9 and 16a.
They did not notify me that the period will be extended (after four month deadline). Now the 7 month deadline has also passed.

This is not an optional EU law or guideline, this is Swedish law. I am not a lawyer but it is not hard for me to understand what it means.

What are my options?

Posted by: guscavge 22.Sep.2019, 03:16 PM

There has also been a reform of Swedish social administration law that states that a decision must be taken within six months. If after six months you are still waiting for a decision you can contact the authority (Migrationsverket in this case) and demand that a decision be made in your case.

If your paperwork is complete then a decision must be made within one month of your request. But remember that your request has to be in written form so your best bet is to send Migrationsverket a letter linking to your case number once six months have passed. You can write the Swedish term begäran om avgörande to specify what it's all about

Posted by: wallace1837 23.Sep.2019, 01:28 AM

QUOTE (adinfinitum @ 19.Sep.2019, 11:32 AM) *
What are my options?

Your best option is to leave Sweden and go to a civilised country.

Sweden is in perpetual violation of foreign workers right. It is laughable to see then with their virtue signalling bullshit while having no respect for the directive and law they signed. From July 25, 2019

"Legal migration: Commission urges SWEDEN to ensure the correct implementation of EU rules

The Commission decided today to open an infringement procedure by sending a letter of formal notice to Sweden for the incorrect implementation of several Directives in the field of legal migration. The Commission has identified non-conformity issues as regards the processing applications for permits, as well as restrictions to equal treatment of certain categories of non-EU nationals. The Directives concerned are: the Single Permit Directive (Directive 2011/98/EU), the Family Reunification Directive (Council Directive 2003/86/EC), the Long-Term Residents Directive (Directive 2003/109/EC), the EU Blue Card Directive (Directive 2009/50/EC), the Seasonal Workers Directive (Directive 2014/36/EU) and the Intra-Corporate Transferees Directive (Council Directive 2014/66/EU). Sweden now has two months to respond to the arguments put forward by the Commission. Otherwise, the Commission may decide to send a reasoned opinion."

Other options are to assimilate and live your life head in the sand.
War Is Peace,
Freedom Is Slavery
Ignorance Is Strength, and
Sweden is great

Posted by: Gjeebes 23.Sep.2019, 03:48 AM

And odd that the political party owned and run Swedish "news" media are silent about these traditional illegalities.

Got to hand it to the Meatballs. They really know how to have their cake and eat it too.

Posted by: adinfinitum 24.Sep.2019, 11:16 PM

Thanks everyone for responding.

EU cannot do much more than a slap on the wrist when it comes to their regulations. I was quite aware of that. But this is SWEDISH law that they so conveniently ignore. I banked my decision to come to Sweden after reading all the applicable Swedish laws.

Im a seasoned professional and earn enough to pay tax in the highest tax bracket. And since I have right to work, I didn’t have to wait for residence permit to start. It sounds good in theory but in practice I can’t even sign up for internet connection or get medical treatment on the same terms as any other taxpayer despite paying 55% tax on a significant chunk on my income.

I chose not to go down the work permit despite my employers assurances to have it sorted in 4 weeks after reading the horror stories of skilled people thrown out based on small technicalities.

Posted by: skogsbo 26.Sep.2019, 05:49 AM

Have you got a job and employer ?

Posted by: adinfinitum 26.Sep.2019, 08:31 AM


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