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Getting married, Help!

What to do?

post 20.Mar.2017, 09:44 PM
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Has any one else had this problem? I'm English and my fiancé is Swedish. I'm at my wits end because after giving the Skatteverket just under nine weeks with a supposed turnaround time or 4-6 weeks at the outside to process the 'hinersprovning' for my fiancé our wedding on 22nd April they still after FOUR weeks haven't processed a thing! We found this out after my fiancé rang them today to see how things were going! Apparently documentation from the British Embassy i.e. The 'No impediment to marriage' for me for which my fiancé paid handsomely for isn't good enough for them to issue the Hindersprovning to my fiance! What is happening here? Why didn't they tell us? We are now in danger or our actual ceremony not happening though we will carry on with the day anyway and have a wonderful day with our families. Has anyone else been subject to this complete breakdown in civic responsibilities and what did you do about it? I'm now regretting our decision not to get married in NYC where only 24/48 hours notice is required! What's gone wrong in Sweden? I don't expect anyone will be able to help us, just needed to vent and maybe find out if there's anything we can do to try to speed things up! Help!!!
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post 21.Mar.2017, 09:46 AM
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When i got mine last year they didn't tell us anything i had to go down and repeatedly ask where is it? where is it? they told me it would be another week at least and then it landed on my doormat the next day. IE they couldn't even tell me that it was completed and had been sent out.

Having said that if there is a problem and the request for a hindersprovning has flat out been rejected i think you need to find out why, ringing them won't do any good you have to go down in person, queue up and look someone in the eyes to get an answer.

Print off the instructions from the website about getting married abroad, it's quite clear. Take that with you, if you give it to them and show them that you have followed the process correctly you should stand a better chance of convincing them that they've made a mistake.

I got the feeling that hindersprovning when using a CNI is obviously weird. Instead of a pn mine was filled in with my birthday and -0000 i think this is quite an unusual process and my guess is that the agent who had your case didn't know what to do.
Thats why i suggest going to SV get an answer.
Show them the correct process from the website and hopefully they will assign it to someone who knows what they are doing.

Good luck, mine only took 2 weeks including the 7 day wait for the CNI so you still have plenty of time.

Also speak to whoever is officiating the wedding, they may not be familiar with a hindersprovning without 2 proper PN's on it. My vicar had never seen one before and wasn't sure it was legit, luckily she was also my wife's cousin so that helped.
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