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Best route to drive from UK to Sweden ?

Any tips on best ferry routes for a van ?

mark jennings
post 30.Dec.2018, 08:39 PM
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Forget the Immingham/GBG route, they no longer allow drivers to accompany the vehicles.
Let me know if you are going to do it perhaps we can help each other out.
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post 11.Jun.2019, 11:07 AM
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Hi all,

I am considering to rent a van in south London and drive all the way up to Karlstad. I know it is a long ride specially when you also have to do the way back on your own.

If someone is considering to move to Sweden by the end of July - beginning of August, please give me a shout we might find a way to reduce costs.

Thank you!

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post 20.Jun.2019, 09:15 PM
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In the end I bought a car cheap enough to not have to drive back again, although I did need to use one in the UK for a couple of months that made it viable.

I took the DFDS Ferry to Dunkirk as it was cheap (~£40 for the car on 8pm sailing although they let me on the 6pm for no extra)

This was mainly as I made the mistake of misreading google maps & thinking the leg of the journey from there to Kolding was the full journey.
Was a bit of a surprise to me when I got to my night stop near Essen that I still had 10hours to go.
I had a passenger seat stocked up with sausage rolls & Irn bru and apart from an there being an accident in Bremen it was mostly clear run straight up the autobahn. So just kept on going (except for Petrol/Pee stops) and was home in time for tea. That's the advantage of travelling alone!
Not sure I'd want to do that for the extra hours to Karlstad and then the same on the way back though. That'd be tough.

Anyway, I'd went via as the bridges as they work out much cheaper than ferries and wasn't too much longer so would recommend that unless stocking up at the bottle shop.

Anyone want to buy a Volvo V70? smile.gif
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