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The Local _ Norrland _ Work in Umea

Posted by: Maurice 1.Dec.2016, 07:53 PM


I'm 18 year old guy from Belgium and I've met my Swedish girlfriend almost 3 years ago.
Because of her I've been in Sweden a lot of times during winter and summer, in the north and the south and I lost my heart in the north. I love how quiet it is up there, how shy the people are ( I really don't like small talks anyways ) and ofcourse the nature.
Since my girlfriend is from there too, we are dreaming to live in Umea.
Because of my young age I don't want to hesitate too long to migrate to Sweden, since I heard the older you are the harder it gets.
Currently I'm studying in Belgium and within 3 years I should have a professional bachelor degree in estate management.
I bought an expensive swedish course that guaranteed me to speak fluent swedish after 3years what perfectly fits with my studies.
I searched up a lot about the north of Sweden and I saw it is hard to get a job there, I don't know even if I legalise my degree and speak fluently swedish if I will manage to get a job as an estate agent up there?
Does anyone has experience with finding a job in Umea? If so did your degree matters ? Or they only want people for the mines and the car dealerships?

Ps (any other negative points from Swedes who live in V√Ęsterbotten? I know migrating is not always roses and sunshine so if there are things that sucks please tell me, the more information the better for me).

Kind regards
Tack sa mycket

Posted by: wallace1837 1.Dec.2016, 10:52 PM

Put yourself in queue for an apartment at Bostaden. By the time you reach enough queue point you can make a decision, six years from now.

I can't find anything positive about the place justifying moving there.

Posted by: Maurice 2.Dec.2016, 12:07 PM

QUOTE (wallace1837 @ 1.Dec.2016, 10:52 PM) *
Put yourself in queue for an apartment at Bostaden. By the time you reach enough queue point you can make a decision, six years from now.

I can't find anything positive about the place justifying moving there.

Having a place to stay there is not the problem, my girlfriend her parents support both of us and they will help pay their daughter / my girlfriend an apartment and I can stay with her for free the first weeks/months until I find a job. I've seen on that houses are very cheap compared to where I live. I've seen average houses being sold for 2million kr what is very cheap compared to Belgium where an average house is around 3 million kr. I'm just scared not being able to find a job and have no income

Posted by: Maurice 2.Dec.2016, 12:11 PM

QUOTE (Savage @ 2.Dec.2016, 06:17 AM) *
A large proportion of those whom have moved to Umea are too young and to poor to be able to afford to buy property. Having spent much of their savings travelling from outside of Europe to get to Sweden. And with a population of just over 100k, the new arrivals make up a substantial amount and will obviously effect the region economically.

I was thinking about buying together with her a cheap apartment live in there for some years and sell it with profit to use that money to buy a house away from the city and pay of the rest of the house with the money I get from working. I'm worried about not finding a job in that region as an estate manager.

Posted by: Bsmith 2.Dec.2016, 12:51 PM

Your fears of not finding a job are not without merit. It is a tough job market in Sweden. However, some become successful. Perhaps you can be one of those. Good luck.

My only advice is to save as much money as possible to tide you over until you find that success.

Posted by: Maurice 2.Dec.2016, 03:30 PM

Thank you I do believe in myself and people from Belgium are known as really hard workers as a vacation job I work in a sandwich bar working around 8-11h a day earning 85kr/hour without a break! So giving up is not an option for me, I just wanna be prepared for the difficulties I'm facing when moving to Sweden thanks for the answer! I might consider migrating to other cities in Norrland giving me job oppurtinities.

Posted by: Bsmith 2.Dec.2016, 09:53 PM

You may very well have to consider a job outside your chosen field. I was a public school teacher for 20 years and the only job I was able to land was working for a moving company. However, I did enjoy the work. Which may also be something you could look into.

Posted by: Maurice 3.Dec.2016, 09:59 AM

I figured that out by now, I would just like to live in Norrland many others cities there to find a job. Thank you for the respond !

Posted by: Maurice 3.Dec.2016, 05:38 PM

This thread/topic can be deleted.

I learned a lot about it and it helped me thank you everyone.

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