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The Local _ Legal _ Eviction notice from landlord

Posted by: MatthewYung0 28.Jul.2019, 03:42 AM

Hi guys!

I'm currently overseas and have been given 1 month notice period from my landlord yesterday.

The reason for it is that I couldn't guarantee that I could change her cat's litterbox for a week or so due to a very highwork load at the time, and would be coming back home late.
I did offer to provide the basic needs for the cat such as food and water in the morning and evening.
However she was not still happy about it, hence the notice.

Now I'm just wondering about 2 things:

1) Is this even an acceptable reason to evict someone?
The way I see it, the cat is ultimately not my responsibility and hence shouldn't get punished for it. I always try to help out which is why I offered to assist with the basic needs, but my job had to come first during that time.

2) Is the 31st of August the date I acutally need to move out?
On the contract it says this:

§2 Leased from 1st June 2019 onwards.
Lease expires at the month-end that occurs [1] full month(s) after given notice, no earlier than 31th of August 2019.

The way I interpret this is that she can't give notice earlier than the 31st of August, which she has done so in this case.

Does anyone know of any advisors within the Gothenburg area that I could talk to?


Posted by: Essingeviken 30.Jul.2019, 08:55 AM

Hyresnämnden is the place to go.

My very quick interpretation is that she might be in the wrong.

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