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The Local _ Visas _ Changing profession with valid permit

Posted by: mka 11.Dec.2020, 01:58 PM


I have been in Sweden for 30 months now, meaning I passed my first 24 months and applied for extension. The extension has been granted and my new permit is valid for 18 more months as of now.

However, I got new job offer with different title ( which I accepted ) and now everyone is confused as per what is the next step. Migrationsverket is sure in the fact that I need to send new application since I am changing the title, but on two occasions I got different answer regarding the visa for my family. First time they told me the new application should only contain information regarding me, second time they told me that I need to add my family members as codependents. They told me this is the form that needs to be filled for them:

What is the procedure in this case? Am I applying for new permit now or is it just changing employer and title on my current one? Am I allowed to travel outside Sweden once I submit my application?


Posted by: Case officer 11.Dec.2020, 05:30 PM

Posted by: mka 11.Dec.2020, 06:30 PM

Posted by: Case officer 13.Dec.2020, 08:42 PM

QUOTE (mka @ 11.Dec.2020, 06:30 PM) *
Do you know if its possible to travel outside Sweden once I submit the application?

Nobody can travel abroad. Google "Covid-19" if you haven't heard there's a pandemic.

Posted by: mka 13.Dec.2020, 09:25 PM

QUOTE (Case officer @ 13.Dec.2020, 08:42 PM) *
Nobody can travel abroad. Google "Covid-19" if you haven't heard there's a pandemic.

I like it when people play smart but they don't know the facts.
There are **strong recommendations** for not traveling aborad, but there is no travel ban.
I need to go back home to finish some administrative stuff I cannot do at the embassy, so it is crucial for me to be able to travel during the permit application.
If someone knows the answer to this I would be grateful.

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