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The Local _ Finance _ Bank loan, for the apartment, details

Posted by: ToSheila 20.Jan.2018, 11:44 AM


What would forum members advise if one should opt for fixed or fluctuated interest rate when taking bank loan for apartment?

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Posted by: Essingen55 20.Jan.2018, 01:52 PM

Depends on your individual circumstances, but there is a general feeling that the world is about the see the return of inflation. This would argue in favour of longer fixing periods, particularly if you can get reductions from the generally advertised interest rates.

Posted by: axiom 20.Jan.2018, 03:10 PM

I am not a financial advisor but I would take variable for now, base interest rates are unlikely to rise within the next 18months. But then change to a fix rate when the rates start going up.

Posted by: Essingen55 20.Jan.2018, 04:25 PM

Well of course there is no such offering as variable these days. The shortest you can get is 3 months.

If you look at these...

you will see that rates are pretty much least out to 3 years.

Most commentators think that the Riksbank will raise rates for the first time sometime between June and September this year. One thing is certain, they will not fall further. The Fed has already raised them several times in the US and the BofE has started in the UK.

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