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Resident permit procedure my for wife

I am NON EU citizen

post 19.Aug.2012, 02:07 PM
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I am working in Sweden temporary and have work permit. I will be work in Sweden up to Feb 2013.

I am Non EU citizen and I want my wife to come here and live with me.
Can any one help me How to start procedure for her resident work permit.
How much time will needed to get resident permit.
Which way should I apply for her visa so she get resident permit as soon as possible?

I have visited Sweden migration web site and also found suitable application for her that is "Co-applicant"
but when I started fill all details I found four options
1) AU pair
2) Visiting researcher
3) Professional athletes / coach
4) Other type work

I don’t know which option suits for this case
I have tried with other type work then they ask for corporate identification number and branch code

Can anyone suggest me which way visa process start so my wife can get visa as soon as possible
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post 19.Aug.2012, 03:02 PM
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Because you have valid work permit your wife can apply for residence and work permit also as your family member
But it takes now around 6-7 month for migration to make a decision.
Therefore it is better for your wife to aplly for long-term visa on base of family visit , more information you will find on the web-site of Swedish embassy in the country where you wife will apply for a visa.
If you are planning to stay in Sweden only until February 2013 - long-term visa will be enough. If you are planning to extend your work permit, you wife should apply for both residence permit and long-term visa from your home country, this way she can be with your in Sweden on base of visa, while waiting for decision about residence permit.
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post 19.Aug.2012, 03:48 PM
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QUOTE (priyank @ 19.Aug.2012, 02:07 PM) *
I am working in Sweden temporary and have work permit. I will be work in Sweden up to Feb 2013.

I doubt You will get the permit based upon family member of someone with non-EU work permit. They will only grant those if the work permit is for greater than 6 months. Right now it is almost end of august, it is only 6 months to end of Feb 2013!
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post 9.Jan.2013, 12:56 PM
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Dear all

I am a doctor i have singed the employment offer to work in north of Sweden , my employer have applied for me a work permit visa on line recently my job will start on 14/02/2013 and i have to be in Sweden on 25th of January .i have some question please if you can help me in some correct answers ..

1. can some body tell me how long time dose it take ? in some site on internet i saw may be takes up to 3 weeks ( sweden .se) and some sites says takes up to 6 month ( migrationsverket) ?!!

2. any exception will be considered as i am a doctor invited by governmental hospital ?? it will be faster ? as a special case?

3. do the Swedish migration board consider my application is urgent as i am coming on 25th on January and the ticket was booked by the employer and the ticket number was mentioned on the application with my new home address their ?
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