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Deposit Not Paid Back

My previous landlord will not pay my deposit back

post 16.May.2018, 11:06 PM
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Hi everyone

I came to Sweden for 6 months to do my master thesis, from November 2017 till April 2018. I rented a room in an apartment; shared this room with a woman, who was the main renter. This woman still hasn't paid my deposit back and she is not returning my calls or mails.

It is weird because during the first days after I left, she told me she was going to pay the deposit. Someone who has the intention to not pay from the beginning would not write anyway. It might be that she waited, got confident with time and make sure that I was out of the country. Nevertheless this would mean that she is acting "cautious" when doing this illegal thin, which means I could actually use this fear of hers.

I have the rental agreement signed by both of us, my bank statements and also even a screenshot of her bank statement showing that I sent her the deposit.

What do you think I could do? What are my legal as well as "street-smart" options (e.g. calling up her boss etc.)?
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Case officer
post 17.May.2018, 06:20 AM
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The Enforcement Agency is your friend:
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