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The Local _ Nationwide _ Job for summer months 2019

Posted by: Penumbra LE 10.Jul.2018, 09:37 PM

My name is Lola Elvy. I'm travelling to Sweden in the summer next year (2019), and am looking for a place to stay in return for work. Work I can perform includes (but may not be limited to):

- childcare/babysitting
- help around the house
- tutelage: mathematics (including secondary school level), music, and/or English.

I'm a young adult. My native language is English, and I've been learning Swedish independently for a few years now. I also speak German. I love learning and teaching, and am open to discussing a variety of work options to find an agreement that suits.

I'm looking to be in Sweden next year somewhere around the May/June timeframe, though my schedule is flexible. The arrangement would be temporary, only for some period of time in the summer (the details can be discussed further).

If anyone is interested, my contact details are as follows:

Skype: lola.v.elvy
Phone (US number): 1 401 855 5869

Feel free to contact me to discuss options, timeframes, et cetera.

Thank you.


Posted by: Penumbra LE 4.Sep.2018, 02:27 PM

'Cedar2' -

I'm relatively flexible in terms of exact location. I'm mostly interested in learning (expanding on my knowledge and experience with the Swedish language, immersing myself in the culture, et cetera), which I feel I would be able to do anywhere, as anywhere in Sweden would be new to me. I am especially fond of coastal places, as I've spent my whole life on the coast, but like I said, anywhere is new, so anywhere would be interesting. Do you know of anyone who would be interested in getting in touch with me? I'm interested in discussing an arrangement, hopefully something where both parties can benefit. Like I said in my post, I'm flexible, and am open to discussion. I am an especially keen teacher, particularly in language (English), music, and mathematics. I would be willing to exchange work (e.g., housework, childcare, tutelage) for accommodation during the summer months.

Whereabouts do you live in Sweden (or are you overseas)?


Posted by: Penumbra LE 5.Sep.2018, 02:58 PM

Thank you very much. I'll take a look at I appreciate your recommendations, and I'll look forward to possibly hearing more from you in October.


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