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post 24.Aug.2013, 05:45 PM
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I am married to a Swedish man who was converted from nice to mean monster person! After encouraging him & pushing him to move forward by opening a company, related to his business field, after offering him al lservices such as logo, business card and more administrative paper works that he might need ! I was promised by him that I will also start earning money,, the company age is almost 3 years,, lot of promises in the air,, more arguments,,sick jealousy and he became greedy, he stopped my money card & put me out in a way,, and waited until I went to visit mom who had few days left,, I am here since 3 months,, and no telephone or anything from his side, until he asked via mail to sign aktenskapforord then another mail where he prefers that it is much better that we both find our ways,, this is the funniest part,,, all his behave w emails showed the contrary,, he started transferring money to different accounts, iin order to prepare himself for divorce,,, the reason is of this metamorphose,, is that he started to earn money more than the ex employer where he used to work with,, before having the firm,,,
We were together in January 2013,, where he was so sweet & very nice until his hormones changed after 2 weeks ,,, 10 of February 2013,,, this is more than funny and strange,, he started to put VD In all chating sites and felt happy !
I am sure that NOT all Swedish are like that,, cause I met wonderful people,,
Hope all will enjoy reading this true story!
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post 24.Aug.2013, 06:20 PM
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The funny part is that he wake up after he saw his new monthly income,, and started to think different,,, that he need to live & to travel and enjoy!:)

It is weird what he feels every time I leave to see my sick mom who passed away,, he start hiding & more! Until I faxed the divorce paper to the court !
I wanted to share this story in order others to have more ideas about some men in Sweden NOT all!

I love this country & this experience will not change my mind !

Nice weekend!
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Gamla Hälsingebock
post 24.Aug.2013, 07:13 PM
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Does your soon to be ex-husband read posts on this forum?
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post 24.Aug.2013, 08:36 PM
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QUOTE (Lina @ 24.Aug.2013, 06:20 PM) *
The funny part is that he wake up after he saw his new monthly income,, and started to think different,,, that he need to live & to travel and enjoy!:)It is weird what ... (show full quote)

which company is it?
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post 25.Aug.2013, 10:23 AM
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Lina, I'm so sorry for your pain. Divorce can bring out the worse side of people. It sounds to me like he wanted out of the relationship before and decided to take the opportunity of you being away to grab all he can. Now all you can do is to try to get your own life moving in the direction you want it. I don't know the divorce system here, but maybe the courts can protect you. But in order to do that, you will need evidence that he hid the money (or other assets) and a lawyer. If you don't have bank statements, try to get them from the past year. That way you can prove what is going on. But whether or not you can make this thing fair, it is a good idea to try to think of how you want to live your life without this man. It will be hard now, but I bet that a few years from now, you will look back and be glad that relationship didn't last. I wish you the best of luck!
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post 25.Aug.2013, 11:44 AM
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A tiger doesn't change his stripes. I think he was mean before he met you and played you for the fool. Better luck on your next choice.
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post 25.Aug.2013, 03:32 PM
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ThanK u all for ur comments & I liked them all!
Just wanted to answer each person one by one, I will learn how to do it soon! But I had to write a quick answer!

Life will go on! and not all Swedes are like that! I have wonderful friends,, I worked from my country with Swedish! They are loyal & friendly! I have no problem in this...

I waited 6 years but meanwhile tried to do a lot of business trials,,, but things could not work that easy!
I asked my husband to have something for his own,,, and once he opened it,, he told me, if company will not work u will be the first to be blamed:)...and the company is working like crazy,,, and I know this of course!

I contributed with the name of the company and to other things as well... he is a very skilled person, very '' duktig'' in his work,, but once he noticed that he started earning a lot of problems occurred and in this bad period,, where I lost my mom,,, and period before and after,,, and he wanted me to be that clown at home:)
I was close to him during his crazy temperament,,, even after stopping me my money card,,, thinking that he might change... but things went crazy and he made me crazy,,, so no he is asking me to sign papers via emails,,,

And now all his family are in,,, helping him to do the right thing! specially his nice mom - she is a very old woman, very nice person,, i loved her as a person and i can not judge her statements towards me, she want to be close to her son,, without knowing her son with me at home! but i know him with me, how he become while his family r there:) - he become another person...another personality!:) strange!

There is someone who wrote me that he might be like this before marriage,, yes i agree, u are right!
I will write a book soon, hope this will show people how to deal with persons that change when they start earning money,,, and not only with foreigners,,, but with all !
It is a sad story,,, not expecting it to be like this,,, unfortunately things happen,,, and we surely can find solution!
I will be booking my ticket and this time he will not be waiting for me,,,
At the end, i do not feel hate towards him,,, but i find that it is impossible to continue specially when one of his children the youngest is trying to do his best to help his dad to remain in this current situation:) specially after knowing that his dad business income now:)
Thank U all for all ur comments! will see how to answer each one by one!
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post 25.Aug.2013, 03:55 PM
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If my husband knows, he do not have time to know, cause all what he know is working and earning and hiding:)

ABout facts or banks , nothing can be hidden in Sweden.. i believe in the solid Swedish law,, specially if they need to investigate more,,, and plus i have a lot of proofs...

I also read about my husband grabbing the opportunity while i was away, yes i agree! everything is possible, he loved me, this i believe in the past,, but now,, he adores money,, and is afraid someone to share him this,,, so he can do his utmost trying to put me apart,, but whatever he do ,, or hide,, all will be shown!

All railway stations should know about .. and maybe they do not care about his family statue,,, all they need is business cooperation from him,,,, but i believe that they should take into consideration, that every person that hide in general can hide everywhere,,, this is one!!

And none of the business people like to deal with a person who has double personality,, and might go crazy one day,,, this is 2
Jealousy also is to be considered,,, even among business persons,,, so all those qualities should be taken under consideration!
Al last, who do bad things to one person,, can do to others! is not true?

Thank U all !
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