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Is it safe to study in Malmö?

Concern about crime and rape

post 13.Mar.2018, 08:29 AM
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^^^Yeah right, the good old "I was just kidding"
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Uncle Fred
post 13.Mar.2018, 10:48 AM
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QUOTE (ölgård @ 13.Mar.2018, 08:29 AM) *
^^^Yeah right, the good old "I was just kidding"

Maybe this was wrong but many people have a problem with "gsurya". A very self centred person with a chip on his/her shoulder.
"gsurya" has come out with some alarming statments for example wants to eliminate so called "white supremacy", what is meant by this I don't know.
"gsurya" insults people if he/she doesn't like what is said by others.

I have challenged "gsurya" to come clean with what he/she stands for, so far no reply.

It's best you read these two threads to see what "gsurya" is like.
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post 13.Mar.2018, 12:02 PM
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Malmö is one of the safest places I've ever been.
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post 24.Mar.2018, 11:41 AM
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QUOTE (Uncle Fred @ 12.Mar.2018, 07:58 AM) *
I noticed your English is rather good at the moment, did you learn that in Poland.Why do you want to study English studies in Sweden when you could go to the UK where there ar ... (show full quote)

QUOTE (Saywhatwhat @ 12.Mar.2018, 01:52 PM) *
Yes what an odd dream to seek English studies in Malmo. Why not go to an English speaking country?I don’t know about London or cities in UK, but most US cities are probably ... (show full quote)

Hi, sorry it took me so long to write back. I want to study in Sweden, because I've met a lot of Swedish people visiting my country and they were ale lovely and inviting. I don't really feel like I'm "at home" in Poland and by reading a lot of news from Sweden, it seems like a place I would finally fit in. Also, it would be a really great adventure for me, as for a person who wishes to meet people from all backgrounds, which I know Malmo University is welcoming. Besides that, English studies program at MU has a creative/formal writing studies, which would be really helpful and is rare. Studies in England are unfortunately something I'm not able to afford, since they have really high prices for a semester. Also, it would be great to not only learn English, but also Swedish. I'm not centred on knowing only two languages in my life, I enjoy getting to know other and their cultures. My English is a thing that I thought myself, here in Poland. I've had a great teacher in school and our English practice in middle schools, high schools and junior high schools in schools I went to are really on a high level (but of course I wouldn't learn it if i weren't interested in that topic, so I'm standing out from my peers a little bit). Thank you all for your opinions, they are things I would consider smile.gif
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post 23.Dec.2018, 10:35 PM
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No. No it's not. Not anymore. I've lived in Malmö now since 2001, mostly quite central (Möllevången) and sadly the whole city has become a ghetto now.
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post 21.Jan.2019, 10:36 AM
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I've been living in Malmö for a big part of my life.

It's absolutely safe. I still have a ton of friends living there and they're practically not even noticing the gang related stuff in terms of it affecting their own personal lifes.

You shouldn't worry about it. It's the most thriving city in Sweden right now as a result of it's location. The student life there is thriving as well.

Hope you decide to not listen to the overly dramatic persons in this forum.


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post 21.Jan.2019, 12:03 PM
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Welcome to Malmo, only getting better with time. Now, lowest crime rate in 18 years.
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post 21.Jan.2019, 02:28 PM
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I live in Malmö and while it's REALLY bad here in Sweden because of the disgusting muslims colonising every city, I would say it's not THAAAT bad as people say. Most of the students I know live in a place called Celciusgården which is right next to where I live. There is grocery store nearby and a bus station infront of your door step which you can take (number 3). The bus also drops you infront of school. (I study at Malmö Uni as well). So you don't have to worry about walking much and such in the areas I have mentioned. Most of the crimes here are gang related. So muslims killing other muslims doesn't really bother me or is not going to affect your life. BUT make sure to stay away groups of immigrants at nights as they have this habit of cat calling every white girl passing by. If you are coming here only to study, I would say don't worry as you are not gonna have to deal with "bad people" in the enviroments you are going to spend time at. Good luck!
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